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Latinoamérica (English translation)

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Latin America

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I am, I am what was left behind, I am the remaining of what was stolen,
A village hidden on the peak, my skin is leather that's why it stands any weather,
I am a smoke factory, peasants labor for your consumption,
A cold front in the middle of summer, Love in the Time of Cholera, My brother!
The sun that is born and the day that dies, with the best sunsets,
I am raw development, a political speech without saliva,
The most beautiful faces that I have met, I'm the picture of a missing person,
The blood inside your veins, I'm a piece of land that's worth it,
A basket with beans,
I am Maradona against England scoring two goals,
I am what holds my flag, the backbone of the planet in my mountain range,
I am what my father taught me, 'the one who doesn't love his country, doesn't love his mother'.
I am Latin America, people with no legs that keep walking.
You cannot buy the wind.
You cannot buy the sun.
You cannot buy the rain.
You cannot buy the heat.
You cannot buy the clouds.
You cannot buy the colors.
You cannot buy my happiness.
You cannot buy my pains.
I have lakes, I have rivers, I have my teeth for smiling,
Snow that's the make up of my mountains,
I have the sun that dries me and the rain that showers me,
A desert drunk with peyote, a sip of Pulque to sing with coyotes.
Every thing I need!
I have my lungs breathing clear blue,
High altitude that suffocates, I'm my molar teeth chewing coca leaves,
Fall with its fainted leaves, verses written under a shattered night,
A vineyard filled with grapes, a sugar cane plantation under the Cuban sun.
I am the caribbean sea that watches the little houses, making rituals of holly water,
The wind that combs my hair, I am all the saints that hang from my neck,
The juice of my struggle is not artificial, because the fertilizer of my soil is natural.
Let's keep walking, lets keep drawing the way!
I work hard and with pride, Here we share, whats mine is yours,
These people can't drown with big waves, and if it collapsed I will rebuilt it,
I also will not blink when staring at you, so you will remember my last name,
Operation Condor invading my nest, I forgive but I'll never forget!
Let's keep walking, here we breathe struggle,
Let's keep walking, I sing because it's heard,
Let's keep walking, Here we stand firm,
Long life Latin America,
you cannot buy life!
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