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Latinoamérica (English translation)

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Latin America

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I am, I am what they left behind, I am the leftovers of what they stole,
A town hidden on the peak,
My skin is made of leather that's why it stands any climate,
I am a factory of smoke,
Country hand labor for your consumerism,
A cold front in the middle of the summer,
"Love in The Times of Cholera" my brother!
The sun that is born, and the day that dies
with the best sunsets,
I am progress in flesh and blood,
A political speech left without breath,
The prettiest faces I have ever known,
I am the photograph of a "desaparecido",
The blood in your veins,
I am a piece of land that is worthwhile
A basket of beans,
I am Maradona against England scoring two goals,
I am what holds up my flag,
The planet's backbone is my mountain range.
I am what my father taught me,
He who does not love his homeland does not love his mother,
I am Latin America
A nation without legs that walks nonetheless.
You cannot buy the wind,
You cannot buy the sun
You cannot buy the rain,
You cannot buy the warmth,
You cannot buy the clouds,
You cannot buy my happiness,
You cannot buy my pains.
I have the lakes, I have the rivers,
I have my teeth for when I smile,
The snow that paints my mountains,
I have the sun that dries me and the rain that bathes me,
A desert drunk with peyote,
A drink of pulque to sing with the coyotes,
Everything I need!
I have my lungs breathing clear blue air.
The suffocating height,
I am the molars of my mouth
chewing coca leaves,
The autumn with its fainted leaves,
The verses written under the starry nights,
A vineyard ripe with grapes,
A cane field under the sun in Cuba,
I am the Caribbean sea watching over the little houses,
Performing rituals with holy water.
The wind that combs my hair,
I am all the saints that hang from my neck.
The juice of my battle is not artificial because the fertilizer of my land is all-natural.
(chorus x1)
(chorus sung in portuguese)
You cannot buy the sun
You cannot buy the rain
(Let's walk forward)
(let's walk forward)
(Let's go drawing the path)
You cannot buy my life
My land is not for sale.
I work like a brute but with pride,
Here we share,
What's mine is yours.
This nation does not drown with disorders, and if it falls, I reconstruct it.
Nor do I blink when i look at you,
So you remember my surname.
Operation Condor destroying my nest,
I forgive but I never forget, hey!
(let's walk forward)
In here you can breathe struggle
(let's walk forward)
I sing to be heard
(let's go drawing the path)
(let's walk forward)
Here we stand upright
Long live the Americas!
You cannot buy my life.
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Submitted by spacecatspacecat on 2011-11-26
Author's comments:

Some cultural notes!
"Love in the Times of Cholera" is a book by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Calle 13 also refer to him in other songs, such as Muerte en Hawaii.
desaparecido: means one who has dissapeared. It refers to the people who dissapeared without trace during the various dictatorships in Latin America.
I had trouble with the word marullo as i could not find any meaning to it. Barullo, however, means confusion or disorder, and it might be the word Residente actually uses. I thought it fits in, because context implies the word to mean an obstacle.
Operation Condor: read more about it here:

Also, I had to use another source for the lyrics, the Spanish one here is full of mistakes! Sad smile



bobbbyyybobbbyyy    Wed, 10/04/2013 - 02:06

Marullo significa "big wave."

malucamaluca    Mon, 02/05/2016 - 01:33

Lyrics have been updated, please revise your translation. Regular smile

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