L'auberge sanglante (English translation)

English translation

The Bloody Hostel

Such a brave companion, went in his turn to France
He want to a hostess' hose to lodge
"Good day, Lady Hostess, may we stay here?"
When it was about seven o' clock the boy asked
"Say, Lady Hostess, may we sup?"
Yes, my brave young man, take a table
Call the servant, little Jeanneton
Give some of this good hare to this boy
Because this brave young man has money
When it was about nine o' clock the boy asked
"Say, Lady Hostess, may we go to bed?"
Yes, my brave young man, I have a bed for you
Call the servant, little Jeanneton
For me, take this man high up into the house
To the highest room, actually
While she showed the room, the servant cried
"Why are you crying, beautiful, why are you grieving?
As you show me this room while sighing?"
"My brave gentleman, I cry for you.
Up there in the room, under the bed
there are four corpses, I say to you."
"What can I do to survive the night?"
"It will be necessary to take a corpse from under the bed,
put it in your place for tonight."
When it was about eleven o' clock the boy was staying up
The host, with the hostess, they got up
With hammer and stone, they massacred it
When it was about five o' clock the boy got up
"Give me my suitcase, murderers,
my bag with my cane, cursed thieves!"
Call the servant, little Jeanneton,
"Hey, in my suitcase there's some money,
you've saved my life this night."
"Get your things, little Jeanneton,
because we'll go to my home together,
we'll marry in the season."
i hope this translation was useful to you. use it wherever, i don't mind.
i write evocative translations rather than precise ones so this might not be "word for word" but at least it will be pretty
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L'auberge sanglante

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