Lauluni aiheet (English translation)

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The topics of my song

From where do I get the topics of a song
so many inquires,
when I tread the carefree road of the song.
It's easy to begin answering
when you're circling around the world
and have lived years many enough.
To find a song and to bring it up a person can,
if its searcher as a singer by the Creator was made.
Never will the topics run out, if forth they can be brought.
So many are the topics for a song.1
Its topic gives the cold
And the scorching of the sun.
It can be told by both the heat and the frost.2
It is the twinkle of stars
and surging of waves.
The highway sings it under my feet.
It's in the grim flurry of the fjeld,
that strikes ice on the face of the skier.
It is the silver luster of the moon
or a wave boisterous.
So many are the topics for a song.1
The song is the gaze of the beloved one
and a tender friendship.
A kiss to the most beautiful mouth.
It's the glow of a burning cheek
and the dimness of the barn,
and it, which3 often has been told to the moon.
It is a song, when love conquers.
It is a topic, when as lonely one can remain.
The spring brings a song joyous,
but a sad one brings the fall.
So many are the topics for a song.1
A topic of the song poverty can be as well
and the glee of the wealthy ones.
And grief, that has been burning the chest.
Creates a song the joy most amazing
or a trace of the tears.
Also of the one which is a price to our happiness.
Short is the way from poor to rich,
short is the journey from joy to sorrow.
A topic is a child so small and the staff of an elder.
So many are the topics for a song.1
  • 1. a. b. c. d. Can be translated as "So many are the reasons to sing."
  • 2. "helle" is a hot weather where humans start to feel uncomfortable while "halla" means a sudden subzero temperature that damages the crops and plants when they are growing.
  • 3. The word "mi" is only seen in classic poetry.
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Lauluni aiheet

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