Lauwe Pis (English translation)

English translation

Lukewarm Piss

In Africa raw beans taste rather sweet (hunger makes the sauce).
Because there is always somewhere some little famine over there
Therefor psychologically you just tend to be gloaming a bit easier
Therefore I say: little africans, try celebrating carnival for once
I won't let them drive me crazy
It has tits, is nagging, three guesses... yes a woman!
I won't let them drive me crazy
I'm a bit sick, I hope I won't throw up
And in the middle east a conflict is going on
It seems to me that polonaise is extremely suitable for that
Arguments change unnoticed into twaddle
Then you hear from afar, yes there is the carnival
I won't let them drive me crazy
Hup, come on spread those legs, to you I'll always stay true
I won't let them drive me crazy
Those aren't shoulder pads, no that's just how I'm build
America, the land of Bush... that's the president
They are the new Nazi's, even though they deny so
They committed genocide on the Indians, a people was overthrown
Yeah, there are still Indians, but only during carnival
I won't let them drive me crazy
I like young girls, because they are so pleasantly tight
I won't let them drive me crazy
Give me an other one, I get bored quite easily
In China everyone eats chinese every day
That can't be healthy, always noodles with some meat
Therefore I recommend fries or a meatball sandwich
Because that is what we eat around here during carnival
I won't let them drive me crazy
It might hurt for a moment when I push it inside
I won't let them drive me crazy
The message is clear, so stop with the ouching
No, watch the foreigners, there are a whole lot of them
That's what is euphemistically called multicultural
Well, I'm not saying the country is full, because then there will sound a bang
And I really can't use that right now, because it will make me miss carnival
I won't let them drive me crazy
There is some blood but most of it is cocoa
I won't let them drive me crazy
That bitch should not complain as long as I maintain her
All the muslims are terrorists, or at least a lot of them
They are willing to die for a higher purpose
Because if you do you can fuck virgins, a little under a hundred
But that is still less than I fuck during carnival
Submitted by Kwatta on Mon, 14/07/2014 - 18:13
Author's comments:

A traditional made Dutch Carnival song by Theo Maassen, 01-22-2007

Mostly a literary translation, not poetic.

The titel refers to the Dutch expression: Je de pis niet lauw laten maken; Don't letting your piss be made lukewarm a.k.a. Don't let anyone drive you crazy.

It contains most of the traditional ingredients of a typical carnival song: it has socially critical, taboo-breaking, sexual explicit, vulgar, nonsens and offensive elements, uses humor to make a point and has an catchy melody.

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