Song Parodies lyrics

Song Parodies
  • Country: United States
  • Languages: English, Polish, German
  • Genre: Pop
  • Original spelling: Parody Songs by miscellaneous authors
  • Official site:
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Amazing grass, how sweet the puff..Englishvideo
Banker's Paradise (itwasajokemgmt)Englishvideo
Bastards in DC (Masters of War)Englishvideo
Black FridayEnglishvideo
Blow up Afghanistan (Blowin' in the Wind)Englishvideo
Buy Buy Love (Bye Bye Love)Englishvideo
Camel ToeEnglishvideo
Choking on an apple (Crying in the chapel)Englishvideo
Coco HoEnglishvideo
Desperation Ho (Desolation Row)Englishvideo
Dumpster Pair Of NikesEnglish
Everybody Must Get Groped (Rainy Day Woman)Englishvideo
Everybody must get phoned (Rainy Day Woman)Englishvideo
Farewell BrangelinaEnglishvideo
Forever Drunk (Forever Young)Englishvideo
Fuck it all [Frozen parody]Englishvideo
Frozen parodys
Gambler's ParadiseEnglish
Gothic ParadiseEnglish
Great Suspenders (The Great Pretender)Englishvideo
I got Kool-AidEnglishvideo
I mowed the lawnEnglishvideo
I never laid a southern CalifornianEnglishvideo
I Sit AroundEnglishvideo
I Want that Job TodayEnglishvideo
I'm expanding (I'm still standing)Englishvideo
Jewish ParadiseEnglishvideo
Lass jetzt los (Let it go)GermanvideoEnglish
Marine Corps ParadiseEnglishvideo
Mohammed the Lonely Prophet (Puff the magic Dragon)Englishvideo
Neonazi ParadiseEnglish
Oops I'm pregnant againEnglishvideo
Our dollar billEnglish
Publisher's ParadiseEnglish
Puff the fragrant dragon (Puff the magic Dragon)Englishvideo
Retail ParadiseEnglish
Scouter's ParadiseEnglish
Small Shack With Some Rice (The Joe Millionaire Song!)English
Smerfy - Gangsta's ParadisePolishvideo
Spartan ParadiseEnglish
Streets of Toledo (Streets of Laredo)Englishvideo
Surfa's ParadiseEnglish
Take it back (Paint it black)Englishvideo
The times they are-a-changin (2013 version by Cryhavoc)English
This land is tour land, This land is ThailandEnglish
Wenger's ParadiseEnglish
Yordle's Paradise [League of Legends Parody]Englishvideo
You'll never Wok aloneEnglishvideo
Song Parodies also performedTranslations
Marc Gunn - Black Kitty PawEnglishvideo
Song Parodies transcription requests
Engineering Paradise (John Cohn Version) English video
Gamer's Paradise English video
Wanker's Paradise English video
Testing Paridise English video
Banker's Paradise (00Nigel Productions) English video
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