Jacques Brel - Le Chevalier aux miroirs (English translation)

English translation

The Knight of the Mirrors

Is there someone here
claiming to be Don Quixote de la Mancha...
Let him step forth, if he dares whitstand the weight of my stare!
- I am Don Quixote, the Knight of the Sorrowful Face!
- Listen, you mountebank,
you are no knight,
only a wretched fraud.
Your games are childish ones,
and your principles are hardly worth more
than the dust quivering under my feet!
- Such a lack of courteousness! Fake chivalry.
Let me know your name before I castigate you
- Enough, Don Quixote. You wanted to know my name,
and I shall tell you. I am the Knight of the Mirrors!
Look, Don Quixote,
look into the mirror of reality.
Look. What do you see, Don Quixote?
Nothing but an old loony!
Look, look!
Look deeper, Don Quixote, look deeper into this mirror.
Come and drown into it, the time has come to sink.
The masquerade is over.
Admit your noble lady is but a whore
and your dream but the nightmare
of a wandering mind!
- I am Don Quixote, the wandering Knight of la Mancha
and my noble lady is Lady Dulcinea
I am Don Quixote, a wandering knight...
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Le Chevalier aux miroirs