Kyo - Dernière Danse (English translation)

English translation

The Last Dance

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I've long traveled her body
Brushed 100 times her face
I found gold
Some stars as I wiped away her tears
I learned by heart the purity of her shapes
Sometimes I still draw them
She is a part of me
I just want one last dance
Before shadow and indifference
A headspin then silence
I just want one last dance
I knew it too early, but it's not my fault
The arrow has pierced my skin
It's a guarded pain
That does more good than bad
But I know the story, it's already too late
In her look, we can see she's prepared
For a long trip
I could die tomorrow, it changes nothing
I recieved it from her hands
The luck anchored in my soul
It's too much for one man
I saw her leave with nothing to say
All it would've taken was for her to breathe
Thanks for delighting my life
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Another attempt as a literal yet cohesive translation lol


Dernière Danse

Guest    Mon, 25/05/2009 - 01:30

whats up with the hebrew in place of accented characters?