Juliette Gréco - Le doux caboulot (English translation)


Le doux caboulot

Le doux caboulot
Fleuri sous les branches
Est tous les dimanches
Plein de populo.
La servante est brune,
Que de gens heureux
Chacun sa chacune,
L'une et l'un font deux.
Amoureux épris du culte d'eux-mêmes.
Ah sûr que l'on s'aime,
Et que l'on est gris.
Ça durera bien le temps nécessaire
Pour que Jeanne et Pierre
Ne regrettent rien.
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English translation

The sweet local joint

The sweet local joint
blooming under the branches1
is full of people
every Sunday.
The maid is a brunette.
There's so many happy people.
To each their own,
boys and girls are as one.
Lovers infatuated with themselves,
we sure do love one another
and we're tipsy too.
It sure should last long enough
for Jeanne and Pierre
to have no regrets.
  • 1. alludes to the small bistrots near Paris on the Seine or Marne rivers where people used to eat, drink and dance in the late 19th century, which have inspired numerous impressionist painters
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