Georges Moustaki - Le facteur (English translation)

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The postman

The young postman is dead.
He was only seventeen.
Love cannot travel anymore,
it has lost its messenger.
It's him who came every day,
arms full of my loving words.
It's him who held in his hands
the flower of love picked from your garden.
He soared into the blue sky
like a bird, free and happy at last,
and when his soul left him
a nightingale sang somewhere.
I love you just as much as I did,
but now I can't say it anymore.
He took with him
the last words I had written to you.
He will no longer walk these paths
bordered with rose and jasmine
leading to your house.
Love cannot travel anymore,
it has lost its messenger,
and my heart feels like in jail.
He went away, the teenager
who brought my joys and torments to you.
Winter killed spring,
it's all over for us now.
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Le facteur

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