Albin de la Simone - Le Grand Amour (English translation)

English translation

The great love

She lived in the forest
A shed, as she said
She was used to sleep when she wanted to,
She never worked
A pareo tied to her back,
Some fruits, flowers and birds
A salty flavour on her skin
She was beatiful, I was too
Under a canopy made of tulle
A candle, a moonlight
Our two bodies in a bubble
The heart and the luck.
We never talked of love;
What is love?
We never talked of love;
The great love, it didn't exist
She smoked, I kissed her
I cooked, she embraced me
She danced, I sang
In english, in javanese
Naked, under my apron I relived
Abandoned between scented kisses
We never talked of love;
What is love?
We never talked of love;
The great love, it didn't exist
It was love, I know my stuff,
Till that day of the end of july
She smiled, but I guessed
The wind had changed
Scared by the scarecrow
Of that monstrous mistake
Love, the true, the beatiful
Cleared off in an instant.
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Le Grand Amour

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petit élève    Sun, 08/10/2017 - 15:03

an d -> typo

je l'embrassais -> why not just "kissed" ?

sous mon tablier -> under my apron/pinafore

je m'y connais -> "s'y connaître en qq ch" means "be smt-savvy", "know your stuff"

Viola Ortes    Sun, 08/10/2017 - 15:33

Merci Pierre pour ton aide avec ma traduction.
J'ai corrigé le typo et les autres erreurs.
Mais je me demande si embrasser, pouvait être traduit "hug or embrace" et non "kiss". Je pensais qui embrasser soit "serrer avec les bras", et "kiss" c'était pour "baiser" si je me suis trompée, je vais le corriger.


petit élève    Sun, 08/10/2017 - 15:41

"baiser" comme un verbe c'est à éviter entre gens bien élevés (the infamous F-word Regular smile )
"embrasser" c'est comme "kiss" ("donner un baiser"), même si à l'origine ça vient de "tenir dans ses bras"
pour "tenir dans ses bras" (embrace, hug) on dirait plutôt "enlacer".

Viola Ortes    Sun, 08/10/2017 - 15:55

Oups, je ne voulais pas dire le mot avec la F! Très bien, je vais changer. Merci encore à toi!
Bonne soirée.

Gavin    Wed, 11/10/2017 - 20:33

A couple of little observations...

I wasn't familiar with 'pareo' but it appears to be a simple wraparound skirt as worn in Tahiti or the Cook Islands. So I would say it was "knotted at the back" or "tied at the back" rather than tied *to* her back which makes it sound a bit like she's wearing it as a cape! Regular smile

typo: beatiful => beautiful

Je revivais - more like "I came back to life". "Relive" in English doesn't work the same as "revivre" in French. In English it only means "to re-experience" or "to remember vividly". Not to live again.

Also I would say the the canopy was "of tulle" or "made of tulle" as tulle is just a type of fabric, even if the name comes from Tulle the city.

typo: monstruos => monstrous

S'était barré au galop - Why now "galloped away" or "fled at a gallop"?

also...maybe "a hut" rather than "a shed". A shed is where we keep our lawnmowers. Wink smile

Viola Ortes    Wed, 11/10/2017 - 11:55

Thanks for your help. From all your suggestions I'll take the correction of the typo and "made of tulle" instead of "in tulle".
About "je m'y connais" I saw that it was right the correction made from Pierre. It means "I know my facts, my stuff" or "I'm expert about it", "I know what I'm talking about". Se barrer au galop is intended for "run away quickly, in a hurry, instantly" nothing to do with the galop of a horse. The shed is to say an unpleasant place to live in, and what's more unpleasant than a shed?

Thanks again.

Gavin    Wed, 11/10/2017 - 12:58

Fair enough - Yes, I realised the s'y connâitre after I typed it and meant to delete it before I hit 'send'.
Oh I know what au galop means, it's just that we use the same figure of speech in English so I thought you might prefer to keep it. But of course "instantly" is absolutely fine. Regular smile

Hey, I'm British! We love our sheds! Wink smile