Jean-Louis Murat - Le lien défait (English translation)

English translation

Unraveled ties

Like this blond angel
drowned in the Durance1,
like a demon,
oh, you'll unravel yours.
Like the one-eyed bird,
like Jeanne of France2
in your insanity
you'll unravel yours
We think ourselves in love,
we think ourselves fiercely rooted,
still it always comes
the time of unraveled ties.
We think ourselves in love,
we feel besotted with eternity,
still it always comes
the time of unraveled ties.
Like the adder,
like the queen of the meadow,
dead land,
oh, you'll unravel yours.
Like the meek woman,
like the fickle man,
when time to forget come,
oh, you'll unravel yours.
Still it always comes
the time of unraveled ties.
The time of unraveled ties.
  • 1. a river in Sout-Eastern France
  • 2. a rather obscure 15th century queen recently canonised ; nothing to do with Joan of Arc
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Submitted by petit élève on Fri, 14/07/2017 - 00:10
Author's comments:

There is a hardcore fan blog trying to make sense of the many obscure metaphors, but frankly I find it about as convincing as an exercise in numerology.
I rather see the song as an impressionistic depiction, inviting free associations.


Le lien défait

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rainymoon    Fri, 14/07/2017 - 05:13

Thank you @petit-élève! I had tried to get this , but someone went Google on me.

It is good to see your translation because it helps me to see if mine was okay!
Yes, I tried some song meanings blogs, too, but
they were too intense, fans-only zone. Teeth smile

Is Murat a recluse/hermit? Or did I read some nonsense?

petit élève    Fri, 14/07/2017 - 09:01

Murat is worshiped like a god by some, hated by many and unknown to most Teeth smile

He's famous for constant slips of the tongue when facing a mike or a camera, sniping at the media in general and at a host of mainstream pop stars. This hermit image is rather a glorified view of his very modest popularity, what with he repeatedly biting the hand that fed him Regular smile

I rather like some of his songs, though I never found anything really worth listening to after the 2000's, and his media character leaves me cold.

rainymoon    Fri, 14/07/2017 - 09:48

I first heard this song of his in a film directed by Claire Denis
called J'ai pas sommeil a long time ago ('ai_pas_sommeil).
I know very little about him -- your comment is most of the information I have , hahahah, to be honest.
However, such traits seem to be widespread all over the world in many a moody singer-songwriter.
Teeth smile Explosions in front of cameras remind me of Klaus Kinski's rants, so this has got me laughing. Thanks so much!