Miserere Luminis - Le mal des siècles (English translation)

English translation

The Evil Of The Centuries

Seems that it was Evil that was breathed into me,
The discordant note in this harmony
Or the falsetto of a moaning violin...
Let your hands abort the elagiac spirits
And make disappear the woeful dreams
Ceaselessly, within the dying soul, are howling
The horrible verses or a paranoid art
I have the broken wings of a sickly angel,
They are as tortured and torn as Sade's mind
Can you see the misery within my pierced skull?
Was I not wounded by the eye of hell?
Seems that it is Evil, just like the strangling lightning,
The majestic skies of the chimerical vaults
Of the dungeons of our too tragic hearts,
Choked are our loves of blood and ashes
Slice open your veins to find some light,
For Evil hides aways its flames and its shards
Smash in your head with a bullet, enjoy the noise,
You are the Evil who used to kill the light...
Submitted by crimson_antics on Mon, 13/03/2017 - 14:13

Le mal des siècles

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