Le parapluie (English translation)

English translation

The Umbrella

It was raining hard on the highway
She hurried along without cover
I had with me an umbrella, borrowed
That very morning from a friend
Running over to her rescue
I offered her a little shelter
Wiping the weather off her sweet face
She complied very softly with a “yes.”
A little corner of an umbrella
For a little corner of Paradise
There was something about her of an angel
A little corner of Paradise
For a little corner of an umbrella
It wasn’t a bad bargain, heavens!
Along the way, how sweet it was
To hear with her the tra la la
Made by the water from the sky pattering
Against the roof of my umbrella
I would have liked, as during the Flood
To see the rain fall without end
To keep her there, under my refuge
Forty days and forty nights
But inevitably, even in storm
Roads continue on to each’s country
Soon enough hers appeared, a great wall
On the horizon of my passion
It came time for her to leave
After thanking me profusely
And I saw her figure grow ever smaller
As she gaily vanished into memory
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Author's comments:

Composed and originally sung by Georges Brassens. Portions of the translation borrowed from Didier Delahaye's English version made for singing at BrassensREDUX: http://brassensredux.com/wordpress/?p=882


Le parapluie

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