Le passanti (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
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The passers-by

I dedicate this song
every woman thought of as love
in a moment of freedom:
to that known as soon as
there was no time and it was worth
get lost in a century more.
At that almost imagine
in such a hurry you saw her pass
from the balcony to a secret beyond
and like to remember the smile
that you did and you've decided the
in a vacuum of happiness.
The traveling companion
his eyes the most beautiful landscape
fans seem shorter journey
and maybe you're the only one to understand
and do not follow it down
without having touched his hand.
To those who have already taken
and experiencing the hours disappointed
with a changed man now too
you have left, needless to madness,
see the bottom of melancholy
a desperate future.
Images care for a few moments
you will soon be a distant crowd
overridden by a memory closer
to return little happiness
it is very rare that you remember
of the episodes of the way.
But if life stops help
is more difficult to forget
than happiness glimpsed
kisses that has not dared to
opportunities left to wait
Eye never seen again.
Then in moments of solitude
when the regret becomes habit,
a way to live it together,
you cry lips absent
of all the beautiful loops
that we could not hold back.
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Le passanti

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