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Le temps de la rentrée (English translation)

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Back to School

I, for one, will always love
When the time comes
To go back to school
Holidays and life
Had parted us
Now I'm going to see you again
I, for one, will always love
How it brings back my love -
Going back to school
It will return to me once more
The kisses that we saw fly
Into the vast summer sky
I would be thinking, standing on rocky shores
And sunny beaches
Only of you, back at school
Well you, you had left
For the Canaries1,
With me near Saint Tropez
These holidays past
Which would never end
Are finally over
I would count on my fingers
The hours that remained
Keeping me from you
Especially the rainy days
And Lord knows it has rained
Over that lost paradise
With a kiss I'll remind you -
'Darling, there is no such thing
As a holiday without you'
Already the autumn breeze,
The shivering leaves,
Draw me towards you
And when winter comes
Where is the harm?
I will be warm enough in your arms
If people tease me
If they don't like
When summer ends
Well I, for one, will always love,
How it brings back my love -
Going back to school.
  • 1. The Canary Islands
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Le temps de la rentrée

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