lead on

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lead on (English) — to encourage someone to do something or to expect something, especially by lying to them or promising them something that they cannot have

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Translations of "lead on"

Englishstring along
Hebrewלהוליך שולל
RussianВодить за нос

"lead on" in lyrics

To found a free land, World peace, be our stand.

Lead on, comrades, Vanguards ye are.

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - National Anthem of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

At her age, we don't do what she's doing alone downstairs
Acts like a man, so young, though so strong
No one (there) so that she'll understand, that she's's dragging herself
That, despite herself, she's lead on a wrong path


Assia - She's yours

break my heart
move my mind, only you

you can lead on me
give me the hope as a food
give me the desirability as a water, only you

Milan Dinčić Dinča - Before or later

When I see myself in the mirror
Is this really me?
When I take off all my make-up
That’s the person I should be

Rags (OST) - Stand Out

Like a bottomless ocean

So lead on, my lost prince
Search for happiness, I know, that you'll find it
And regain your lost dreams

Farba - Lost prince

It's all bad now man, it's all bad
Cuz y'all done FUCKED up now
YEA! Ha ha, new shit, aiyyo
I just want the whole world to know
That I did not start this, but I will finish it

Eminem - The Sauce

When the friendship
Moves inside the heart
It leaves a feeling
That never goes away

I can't tell you how

Laura Pausini - Everything in My Life

Forever you're coming back to me
Now I'm gonna give you what you need
'Cause I know what you feed on and what you lean on
And what you lead on

The shoulder you cry on

Three Days Grace - Painkiller

When I see myself in the mirror
Is this really me?
When I take off all my make-up
That’s the person I should be

Rags (OST) - stand out

You will lead on the edge of the world away and will fulfill dreams,
I exactly know – only you.
The moon will pour a light cocktail at night,
I will drink it with you to the bottom.

And I am flying in the sky away!

Ani Lorak - Steal me

Can't explain it's complicated
I wish you were dead 'till you take me to bed
You're so good, so good
You lead on my love
With those brown eyes and that body
I'll get my revenge, take my key to your Benz

Little Mix - F.U.

She's my dopamine pie
There's fate and summer wine
Mixed in your glass
You lead on me
So I don't have a chance
Without you I don't wanna dance

Paddy and the Rats - Without You (I Don't Wanna Dance)

Believe that, your mind would be moved from its fundamental
If you are looking for love, so by the most private
it's different then (the situation changes)
All the doors will be opened, (after you lead on) go ahead pls

Should be you that at least,,

Aleyna Tilki - It were you at least

Small child, may hear its song
The dream bird may carry the little one
Small child, may hear its song
The dream bird may lead on the child

Mariam Jäntti - The Dream Bird

But your reflection stands, having turned the back to me
Beyond the glass;

And your seamen are heavier than lead,
On strange ships of no face;
They will sail upon you to the end,

Akvarium - Marina

Day and night, he is with you.

Fear, which robs me of breath,
Lead on my shoulders,
Silence, which asks me questions
and gives no answers to my 'why'.

Mozart! (Musical) - How do you get rid of your shadow?

Your room feels like a dungeon.
And the city seems so small.
They pull you down like gravity
as if there was lead on your legs.
But you shake them off, because it's high time
It's no longer so easy to stop you

SDP - Not a Word!

Don't talk about the future anymore
Don't think I spin around your world
Don't we lead on each other anymore
There are scars in life time can't heal
I swear to you, not anymore

Gabi Luthai - You don't know what love is

You lead on thin ice
You bite heart and seduce
so you give judgement like jury
who's for love, and who's for fornication

But you don't give yourself up to no one

Boki 13 - My clone

I'll go through a second, I was a spot from choldhood.
Go fucking off, jump to the Sanya's "better"
Under ass - diesel, a kilometer to place.
Be sure of urself, not 2 lead on tchotchke
Aka & Tip type a message 2 chavs.

AK-47 - Well, there are so

There's always something to hide
There's always someone to lead on with you
Obligatory wine
Evidently proved that I didn't need you

Catfish and the Bottlemen - Pacifier


You give me strength to carry on
You're a shoulder to lead on all night
I'll do anything for you to make your dreams come true
I can't live without you

Lexter - Freedom to love

You know what I want (x4)

;It breaks your hands and gnaws at your feet
crushes hope, casts lead on hopeful thoughts; (x2)

CMX - Striking song

Θα γκρεμίσει αυτά τα τείχη

Αλλάζουμε, πλέον, τον τρόπο σκέψης μας [fn]Τurn our heads: Πρόκειται για ιδιωματισμό.[/fn]για να αντιμετωπίσουμε την οδό
Μέσω της οποίας μας παραπλανούσαν[fn]Lead on: Πρόκειται για ιδιωματισμό.[/fn] οι φόβοι μας
Αφυπνιζόμαστε για να ανακαλύψουμε πως τα μάτια του οραματισμού
Ανέκαθεν μας εξαπατούσαν

Dark Tranquillity - Mνημονική Κατασκευή

CADMUS: My most unhappy daughter,
may you fare well. That will be hard for you. [1380]

AGAVE: Lead on, friends, so I may take my sisters,
those pitiful women, into exile with me.
May I go somewhere where cursed Cithaeron

Euripides - (9) The Bacchae (Conclusion and Coda)

It’s just matter of time
Have some faith in me
The beast inside of us
will lead on our path.

SEQUENCE - Riverside

Do you want to wander with me
down the deep unknown road?
Colder, softer, I lead on.
If you wander with me, then you wander ahead!

Glittertind - Devil Black

Wisdom is something I don't envy.
My joy comes hunting other things
lofty and plain to everyone. 1250
They lead man's life to good
in purity and reverence,
honouring gods day and night,

Euripides - (7) The Bacchae (Scene IV & Interlude IV)

Thy cross is lifted o'er us
We journey in its light
The crown awaits the conquest
Lead on O God of might

Christian Hymns & Songs - Lead On O King Eternal

Lead on by fragile desires,
between pure motion and immovable,
with suspicions, automatic sympathies,
right in the middle of progress
of different colours, among which
the black, the green, the modern,

CCCP Fedeli alla linea - Transfixed

But I know that the truth is within them and in me
And in our common divinity
Of letting each other go and live throughout the Earth
And to lead on lap through the content Seasons
And to allow the wind to sing so that we may fall asleep
And not have dreams inside of our sleep.

Fernando Pessoa - Ogdr36 – And there are poets that are artists

Dark eyes I loved beside the Shalimar
Where are you now?
Who lies beneath your spell?
Whom do you lead on rapture's roadway,
Far before you agonize them in farewell?

Kal Cahoone - Beside the Shalimar

Imitating the lead of the neighbors' peep holes,
You are shamefully spying on your own naked body.
But you don't see the fetters from lead on your loins,
Even though you can even see [the] black in white color.

Nautilus Pompilius - Casanova