Leave a mark

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Leave a mark (English) — It means to make an impact on something, to affect something, usually in a way which reflects the person's personality onto it.

"he will change it" ---> "he will leave a mark on it"

English, explained by staarchild on Sat, 08/08/2015 - 15:14

Leave a mark — ça laisse des marques, ça affecte quelqu'un ou quelque chose

French, explained by oriane.martin.5 on Tue, 06/10/2015 - 08:42

Leave a mark — Significado es hacer un impacto. Literalmente es "dejar una marca".

Spanish, explained by staarchild on Sat, 08/08/2015 - 15:11

Translations of "Leave a mark"

EnglishMake a mark
English #1, #2, Spanish
FrenchLaisser une marque
GermanSpuren hinterlassen
ItalianLasciare un segno
PolishZostawić ślad
RussianОставить след
SerbianОстави траг
SpanishDejar una huella
Turkishbir iz birakmak

"Leave a mark" in lyrics

But I love her anyway

Climbing out back the door, didn't leave a mark
No one knows it's you Miss Jackson
Found another victim

Panic! at the Disco - Miss Jackson

I'm in control, when you give me your body, yeah
I feel our souls burnin' up when I'm, inside of you and I
I'ma leave a mark, just to remind you, where you belong, baby
Give me your all, scream as loud as you want

The Weeknd - Where You Belong

It won't be easy, of course i will be sad of course,
It will leave a mark,
Maybe like a child, I will be angry with you,
After years, forgetting,

Sezen Aksu - Forget it like every other lie

Her canvas doesn't leave a lot to fantasy
But her peace of mind can't stay inside the lines
It's so confusing, the methods that she's using
She knows she shouldn't leave a mark that I can see
Will she ever find one million of a kind?
It's cold and lonely, but that's because she told me

Slipknot - Killpop

I've experienced poverty, mum dabbled with a broom
I release my covered heart, too proud to open it completely
I came to leave a mark on my time, I'll leave like Bob Marley
If silence is golden, 50 minutes to talk to them

Team BS - Pride

let is cover
all the days
i spend it with you
and don't leave a mark

Ceca - Black snow

We were born in Moldova!

And whoever wants to cry, cries,
Your parents leave a mark on your blood
The harder you grow up, the sooner you become
A rare living example to your children.

Carla's Dreams - Born in Moldova

Anyone who's that dear to the heart
When they leave, they leave a mark on it (the heart)
After you the heart sighs even more
No one cares for the other

Dado Polumenta - The heart isn't important

I kissed your whole body taste of honey
I want your kisses of woman more than yesterday
leave a mark of your red lips on me again ..

The nights when you're not here , the silence is killing me , I miss your smile, your tepid hands , your caresses that give meaning to my life

Carlos Baute - Your body dancing on my Body

Ask from me the fire
and the crazy man's caress.
You always wanted the kisses
that leave a mark.

I threw my caresses

Giannis Haroulis - Oblivion's well

Now with the kisses
Don't let anything entirely
Banish me in the night.
Leave a mark on my skin
To be seen that I was with you (into a relationship)
I'm telling you all the secrets

Andrea (Bulgaria) - I want, I want

Flow La Discoteca 2
D-J Nel-son
It's me
The Z
Perfect Melody

Zion - What Will Happen

When I leave a mark from lipstick on your white shirts
or I salute you through her friends
when I call you in the middle of the night and she answers
does she turn back on you at least then
does she warn you at least with your eyes

Seka Aleksić - She's Not The One

I wish you were here
So I could touch your skin, so I could smell it
So that tonight also you could leave a mark
On my neck from your kiss
I wish you were here

Christos Menidiatis - Come Back Again

Good + Evil = Par
Every pleasure leaves a scar
Every fire leaves a burn
Every touch can leave a mark

And the hours turn to days

Lord of the Lost - Do You Wanna Die a Without Scar

It is clear as day for me,
whether it is still an enigma to you
Street slang from Roihuvuori
will leave a mark as a stigma


Avain - Red Brick

From not know it
I had passed from your life
From not leave a mark
From not leave a word

Buray - For real

Our dreams rise
And night fades
Our dream rise
And leave a mark on us

Our dreams rise

Dracula, l'amour plus fort que la mort (musical) - Our dreams

All this without having lived
Fixed in front of the mirror
The time that’s passing leaving its traces on our faces
Quickly, gotta leave a mark
Someone will see a name engraved on a public bench
At least it’s not all just a dream

Shurik’N - Sure of nothing

The way I'm livin' there is no compromising it
Better get ready for
another suprise and it
May leave a mark,
because I'm coming fast
Planting thoughts in your mind

Disturbed - Droppin' Plates

he was short on fuel before he flew out the hanger.
From the cold dirt, rocks and ore, rap galore,
watch your river flow backwards once we storm your shore.
Leave a mark with the razor sharp, eyes on the scope,
on the rope hanging from the towering cliffs and slopes.
The magnitude of the devastation untold,

Rap City: Tha Basement - Gza in the booth

Focus in every word,
Change my path,
Maybe I could leave a mark.
Try and prove the poets wrong
There must be a time,

Needtobreathe - Drive All Night

Will disappear silently, but at least I’ll give’em bruises

I know they have a thick rind
But my words will leave a mark
And will reach them
I will beat the hatred in their eyes

Frenkie - It's Burning

I will suffer
I know it will end
But a song will always be there
As a memory of our love that will always leave a mark
For there to be no ending this must stop
To whom will I tell: "I love you to death"

Anna Tatangelo - I Know It Will End

So stand up, shout it out, and put ‘em in the air if you like it loud
We only got one shot, so let’s make it count, it’s a take down, nobody can stop us now
Stand up, shout it out, sing it loud, so the world can’t drown us out
Before we depart, let’s leave a mark ‘cause light shines brighter in the dark

When we scream, our lips don’t make a sound

Thousand Foot Krutch - Untraveled Road

That I never even knocked on the front door

I walk by statues never even made one chip
but if i could leave a mark on the monument of the heart
I just might lay myself down for a little more than I had the last day

Evanescence - So Close

Once I fall asleep, you are in my sleep again.
Leave a mark for me again this night.

Leave a mark for me again this night.

Emilia - If You Are A Star

One day, when I'll have become too weary
I'll think about giving up my place
I'll bid the world farewell, with class
Hoping to leave a mark
And to carve, for life, in your hearts
Nothing but love and happiness

Céline Dion - Ordinary

be careful what you start!
im a bullet and i'm headed
straight for you heart (yeah)
it's gonna leave a mark!(yeah)

Katy Perry - Bullet

And that the summer wind faded away

That you didn't leave a mark on my path
That you remained in the air without a destination
And that the passing of time erased it

José Luis Perales - Madness

It's okay, not a big deal
Let's not make it out to be a drama
It won't matter for a thing to me
It won't even leave a mark
As for the symptoms of your withdrawal
from my life; it's not an issue

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

I'm looking for more than a little bit
I'm gonna have to find my way through it
Gonna leave a mark, I'm gonna set a spark
I'm coming up off the ground
I won't be looking down

Lights - Face up

He didn't ask, he didn't ask for help -
He saw the light, he saw the answer.
He didn't want it, he didn't want it, but night
Will leave a mark on his soul!

You are the Dark Wizard - you are condemned,

Epidemia - Dark Wizard

Don't let, your name be tarnished
Don't let, yourself be made fun of
Leave a mark after yourself for others
You will be great, just keep trying

Boys - Stand up and fight

Release the dreams inside us
And set them free
Oh, while we're here,
Let's leave a mark
There's a candle in the dark
It's here to guide us

Maureen McGovern - We May Never Love Like This Again

We have to restructure, hey no more talking
We are the people who leave a mark
We have to evolve, hey no more slipping back
We are people who leave a mark

Listen to my song, remember not to forget

Cultura Profética - We are Many

Supplement queen,
Your colours may fade
Seasons may change, weather blows,
But you still leave a mark on me

Wrong, negative, fades never the twain,

David Bowie - Beat Of Your Drum

Be careful what you start
I'm a bullet and I'm headed
Straight for your heart (yeah)
It's gonna leave a mark

I'm a bullet baby

Jessie James - Bullet

I'mma sharpen up the darts
I truly hold sorrow in my heart
For every heart that never got carved into the bark
I wish that everyone could leave a mark
But every part wasn’t meant to be a piece of art
You either carpe diem or fade away into the dark

Atmosphere - Arthur's Song

May the hearts be opened, may the souls be opened
May this song leave a mark, may it be sung
May the hearts be opened, may the souls be opened
May this song leave a mark, may it be sung
Let's put all the hands up in the air now,
We've got pumped up already

İzel Ercan - Hands Up in the Air

Embark on a journey, let the magic unfold

We all want to be seen and heard
We all want to leave a mark on this world
Let the thunder and echoes come and go
Embark on a journey, let the magic unfold

Jedward - Leave A Mark

You tell me how you didn't get to
leave a mark in your life
You tell me how you tried
to change venues

Manolis Karantinis - The city of love

Ain't just like glass
To fall and break so easily
Ain't it just like love
To leave a mark on the skin and underneath
Yeah, when the pain goes and shadows everything

The Shack (OST) - Keep Your Eyes On Me

We look for our way
We look for our stead
We like to dream
That maybe we’ll leave a mark

And if it’s true that one always leaves

GiedRé - Is It Really Worth It?

All the feelings I had for you
and I lost, in the end

Some days leave a mark in the soul
and the life of people
and that day when you left me behind

Mariza - Rain

When you thought I've already left
I promise to come search for you
And if everything collapses
You will leave a mark on my heart

Here I am, still yours

Reino Nordin - I Surrender

life goes on
And leaves its mark in someone’s day
Did you leave an example?
Did you leave a mark in what you did?
Did you leave a shadow or a stamp?

Carmen Souza - Two Eternities

The city's impulses will engulf us again,
And we can't escape them.

In no hurry, our thoughts will leave a mark,
Covering the light with the night's writing.
Everyone's numbers are out of range,

Elena Temnikova - The City's Impulses

And when it rains you get wet
You came to get your last stuff
I was trying to get the final word
You leave a mark

Paperi T - You leave a mark

By my own hands and my own heart?

Let me tell you girl
There’s no room to leave a mark
See it’s all just fine if you think it’s OK
When in actual fact you think it’s great

King Krule - The Krockadile

Will find a harbor in the silence and dock there

Maybe my old, red dreams,
May never leave a mark on the paper
And he who drained my first kisses,
May come again and draw a caress (on the paper)

Glykeria - Maybe Someday

Embracing my ways and then just breaking

I will burn this entire world to the ground
I will leave a mark greater than any have ever left before
I will lay waste by land, air and sea
And you will see me

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - You Will See Me

A smile on the faces of all mankind
Love and peace spread all around...
What a beautiful world if we leave a mark behind.. for the remainder of the time
Volunteering has become our pursuit
Under its shade, it has gathered us all

Humood AlKhudher - The Most Wonderful Feeling

First Verse:
Your gentle hands leave a mark,
Reminding me of us.
We've melted into time,

Nargiz - I Can't

Consumed with a fire that never burns out
Finding a way through the dark
Love will leave a mark
Love will leave a mark

Red - Love Will Leave A Mark

Oh his eyes this stature
"Man" would be pale in comparison
It makes a hole like a bullet from a gun
It won't leave a mark, even if it did, it's worth it

Let him take me and clean the floor

Hande Yener - At your beck and call

only for us two...

I have dreamt so much of you, under the stars
only a look, it was enough to leave a mark (?)
I can't forget you
I can't forget you...

Dani J - So far from me

Dead and gone

I hope to die with no regrets
To leave a mark no one forgets

Time won't heal, it's running out on me

Trivium - Dead And Gone

So lets just stay in the moment
Smoke some weed, drink some wine
Reminisce, talk some shit, forever young is in your mind
Leave a mark that can't erase, neither space nor time
So when the director yells cut we'll be fine, ah

Jay-Z - Forever Young

I'm searching for a way, I'm closer than I've ever been

I cracked and lost my way
I didn't leave a mark
I'm coming up from the grave
Stumbling out of the dark

Dia Frampton - Out of the Dark

Oh oh oh, Laura

I expected nothing from you, but a reason to be here
Just to leave a mark before leaving
Oh oh, but with your laughter and your arms
You make a future for me, watching you group up will make me grow

Johnny Hallyday - Laura

Where we are an eternal beat in the time</em>

<em>And when it’s time to love, we go away from us
Like waves that leave a mark in the world</em>

A house and its garden are one and are two

Maria Giovanna Cherchi - Two

which tend to dissapear
on rainy days
I already saw how they come and they leave
they leave a mark on the glass
and my naked skin
I looked for some sign

Álex Ubago - Paper love

and I go on continuous spree,
with the idea of drowning this anguish I carry,
that your light no longer illuminates my life.
There is no love that won't leave marks,
neither pain... that could be calmed by a tequila.

Los Rieleros del Norte - There is no love that won't leave a mark

Freddie Mercury:
I took one for both teams from a disease no one knew existed.
I didn't leave a mark on history, I French-kissed it!
I'm a champion of the world (world!); extinguished in his prime! (Prime!)
So kiss my ass, Frankie (ass!), but you'll have to wait in line.

Epic Rap Battles of History - Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury

Am I ugly or pretty[fn]spoken in masculine[/fn]?

There's no escaping this unmoving plague of a body.
Only a mood, a love and its pain that leave a mark on the skin.

I've long been wearing

Christine and the Queens - Half ladies

Is the truth of light and dark.
Try to touch
What lies between them,
But you'll never leave a mark.

In the stillness, in the silence

Rebecca Lavelle - The Siren's Song

Run, you better run
Push and say: "no"
Watch me, watch me how I leave a mark
No, I won't stop you
Run for the last time

Maria - You're a sensitive topic for me

And so many that we forget about what love
Meant to us
We got lost in this universe
And in those words that leave a mark
That stop time
'Cause they stop the heartbeat

Giusy Ferreri - Love many times

Put a full stop, put a comma
Kiss my lips and don't say too much
Leave a mark at the dark
Like the light that burns inside the heart, inside the heart.

Katy Garbi - Put A Full Stop

Today the fear has stepped on my heels and courage is tied the laces, and it is that for a long time, that I can not find the stripes that I won.
Today the sky weighs more than it should. Only the weak leave a mark on the road. If it were for me without you I could not take a step to stay.
You have the gift of speech when it starts to rain, the magic hidden in the eyes and the skin, you have the gift of insatiability.

Barei - Impulse

Slit wrists, cover the world with it
I am a pessimist
I am obsessed with it blessed with it
Leave a mark
Show me a battle scar
Ripping the rules apart

Ded - Anti-Everything

She's a page that I'm going to flip
We leave and we're left, that's life
The wound will heal, but most likely
it's going to leave a mark
And there are people that are never the same once they're hurt

Joseph Attieh - We're over

I thought I could get over some old habits
I thought I wouldn't remember things of the past any more
I thought I could fool myself by saying
That these things of a life in two didn't leave a mark

I didn't think that I would miss so few words

Maria Bethânia - Habits