Leave a mark

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Idiomatic translations of "Leave a mark"

Make a mark
English #1, #2, Spanish
Laisser une marque
Spuren hinterlassen
Lasciare un segno
Zostawić ślad
Оставить след
Остави траг
Dejar una huella
bir iz birakmak

Meanings of "Leave a mark"


It means to make an impact on something, to affect something, usually in a way which reflects the person's personality onto it.

"he will change it" ---> "he will leave a mark on it"

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Explained by staarchild

ça laisse des marques, ça affecte quelqu'un ou quelque chose

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Explained by oriane.martin.5

Significado es hacer un impacto. Literalmente es "dejar una marca".

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"Leave a mark" in lyrics

Panic! at the Disco - Miss Jackson

But I love her anyway

Climbing out back the door, didn't leave a mark
No one knows it's you Miss Jackson

The Weeknd - Where You Belong

I'm in control, when you give me your body, yeah
I feel our souls burnin' up when I'm, inside of you and I
I'ma leave a mark, just to remind you, where you belong, baby
Give me your all, scream as loud as you want

Sezen Aksu - Forget it like every other lie

It won't be easy, of course i will be sad of course,
It will leave a mark,
Maybe like a child, I will be angry with you,

Buray - For real

From not know it
I had passed from your life
From not leave a mark
From not leave a word

Team BS - Pride

I've experienced poverty, mum dabbled with a broom
I release my covered heart, too proud to open it completely
I came to leave a mark on my time, I'll leave like Bob Marley
If silence is golden, 50 minutes to talk to them

Slipknot - Killpop

But her peace of mind can't stay inside the lines
It's so confusing, the methods that she's using
She knows she shouldn't leave a mark that I can see
Will she ever find one million of a kind?

Carla's Dreams - Born in Moldova

And whoever wants to cry, cries,
Your parents leave a mark on your blood
The harder you grow up, the sooner you become

Ceca - Black snow

all the days
i spend it with you
and don't leave a mark

Dado Polumenta - The heart isn't important

Anyone who's that dear to the heart
When they leave, they leave a mark on it (the heart)
After you the heart sighs even more

Carlos Baute - Your body dancing on my Body

I kissed your whole body taste of honey
I want your kisses of woman more than yesterday
leave a mark of your red lips on me again ..

Giannis Haroulis - Oblivion's well

and the crazy man's caress.
You always wanted the kisses
that leave a mark.

Andrea (Bulgaria) - I want, I want

Don't let anything entirely
Banish me in the night.
Leave a mark on my skin
To be seen that I was with you (into a relationship)

Zion - What Will Happen

Flow La Discoteca 2
D-J Nel-son
It's me
The Z

Seka Aleksić - She's Not The One

When I leave a mark from lipstick on your white shirts
or I salute you through her friends
when I call you in the middle of the night and she answers
does she turn back on you at least then

Christos Menidiatis - Come Back Again

I wish you were here
So I could touch your skin, so I could smell it
So that tonight also you could leave a mark
On my neck from your kiss

Avain - Red Brick

whether it is still an enigma to you
Street slang from Roihuvuori
will leave a mark as a stigma

Lord of the Lost - Do You Wanna Die a Without Scar

Every pleasure leaves a scar
Every fire leaves a burn
Every touch can leave a mark

Dracula, l'amour plus fort que la mort (musical) - Our dreams

And night fades
Our dream rise
And leave a mark on us

Shurik’N - Sure of nothing

Fixed in front of the mirror
The time that’s passing leaving its traces on our faces
Quickly, gotta leave a mark
Someone will see a name engraved on a public bench

Anna Tatangelo - I Know It Will End

I know it will end
But a song will always be there
As a memory of our love that will always leave a mark
For there to be no ending this must stop

Céline Dion - Ordinary

I'll think about giving up my place
I'll bid the world farewell, with class
Hoping to leave a mark
And to carve, for life, in your hearts

Rap City: Tha Basement - Gza in the booth

From the cold dirt, rocks and ore, rap galore,
watch your river flow backwards once we storm your shore.
Leave a mark with the razor sharp, eyes on the scope,
on the rope hanging from the towering cliffs and slopes.

Disturbed - Droppin' Plates

Better get ready for
another suprise and it
May leave a mark,
because I'm coming fast

Frenkie - It's Burning

I know they have a thick rind
But my words will leave a mark
And will reach them

Needtobreathe - Drive All Night

Focus in every word,
Change my path,
Maybe I could leave a mark.
Try and prove the poets wrong

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

Let's not make it out to be a drama
You won't matter for a thing to me
You won't even leave a mark

Thousand Foot Krutch - Untraveled Road

We only got one shot, so let’s make it count, it’s a take down, nobody can stop us now
Stand up, shout it out, sing it loud, so the world can’t drown us out
Before we depart, let’s leave a mark ‘cause light shines brighter in the dark

Evanescence - So Close

I walk by statues never even made one chip
but if i could leave a mark on the monument of the heart
I just might lay myself down for a little more than I had the last day

Emilia - If You Are A Star

Leave a mark for me again this night.

Leave a mark for me again this night.

Reino Nordin - I Surrender

I promise to come search for you
And if everything collapses
You will leave a mark on my heart

José Luis Perales - Madness

That you didn't leave a mark on my path
That you remained in the air without a destination

Katy Perry - Bullet

im a bullet and i'm headed
straight for you heart (yeah)
it's gonna leave a mark!(yeah)

The Shack (OST) - Keep Your Eyes On Me

To fall and break so easily
Ain't it just like love
To leave a mark on the skin and underneath
Yeah, when the pain goes and shadows everything

Lights - Face up

I'm looking for more than a little bit
I'm gonna have to find my way through it
Gonna leave a mark, I'm gonna set a spark
I'm coming up off the ground

Epidemia - Dark Wizard

He saw the light, he saw the answer.
He didn't want it, he didn't want it, but night
Will leave a mark on his soul!

Boys - Stand up and fight

Don't let, your name be tarnished
Don't let, yourself be made fun of
Leave a mark after yourself for others
You will be great, just keep trying

Cultura Profética - We are Many

We are the people who leave a mark
We have to evolve, hey no more slipping back
We are people who leave a mark

Maureen McGovern - We May Never Love Like This Again

And set them free
Oh, while we're here,
Let's leave a mark
There's a candle in the dark

Jay-Z - Forever Young

Smoke some weed, drink some wine
Reminisce, talk some shit, forever young is in your mind
Leave a mark that can't erase, neither space nor time
So when the director yells cut we'll be fine, ah

The Chainsmokers - You Owe Me

But there's something that the papers forgot
Every time I read them, I know I feed them
But I know, they're painting but they can't leave a mark
Because my friends don't read the papers

David Bowie - Beat of Your Drum

Your colours may fade
Seasons may change, weather blows,
But you still leave a mark on me

Mariza - Rain

and I lost, in the end

Some days leave a mark in the soul
and the life of people

Jessie James - Bullet

I'm a bullet and I'm headed
Straight for your heart (yeah)
It's gonna leave a mark

İzel Ercan - Hands Up in the Air

May this song leave a mark, may it be sung
May the hearts be opened, may the souls be opened
May this song leave a mark, may it be sung
Let's put all the hands up in the air now,

Atmosphere - Arthur's Song

I truly hold sorrow in my heart
For every heart that never got carved into the bark
I wish that everyone could leave a mark
But every part wasn’t meant to be a piece of art

Dua Lipa - Want To

[Verse 2]
Some people do, but some they just like to talk, okay
Some shoot the breeze, but some like to leave a mark, okay
Some need the light, and some people like the dark, okay, yeah

Jedward - Leave A Mark

We all want to be seen and heard
We all want to leave a mark on this world
Let the thunder and echoes come and go

Manolis Karantinis - The city of love

You tell me how you didn't get to
leave a mark in your life
You tell me how you tried

Johnny Hallyday - Laura

I expected nothing from you, but a reason to be here
Just to leave a mark before leaving
Oh oh, but with your laughter and your arms

GiedRé - Is It Really Worth It?

We look for our stead
We like to dream
That maybe we’ll leave a mark

Timati - Rocket

I cross the pole, I slice through the vacuum
And my every new success will spread all over the country.
After all, I want to leave a mark
before I would blow up.

Elena Temnikova - The City's Impulses

And we can't escape them.

In no hurry, our thoughts will leave a mark,
Covering the light with the night's writing.

Carmen Souza - Two Eternities

And leaves its mark in someone’s day
Did you leave an example?
Did you leave a mark in what you did?
Did you leave a shadow or a stamp?

Dani J - So far from me

I have dreamt so much of you, under the stars
only a look, it was enough to leave a mark (?)
I can't forget you

DIAMANTE - Haunted

The darkest parts
You won't forget
I'll leave a mark
You can't deny

Christine and the Queens - Half ladies

There's no escaping this unmoving plague of a body.
Only a mood, a love and its pain that leave a mark on the skin.

Paperi T - You leave a mark

You came to get your last stuff
I was trying to get the final word
You leave a mark

King Krule - The Krockadile

Let me tell you girl
There’s no room to leave a mark
See it’s all just fine if you think it’s OK

Hande Yener - At your beck and call

"Man" would be pale in comparison
It makes a hole like a bullet from a gun
It won't leave a mark, even if it did, it's worth it

Humood AlKhudher - The Most Wonderful Feeling

A smile on the faces of all mankind
Love and peace spread all around...
What a beautiful world if we leave a mark behind.. for the remainder of the time
Volunteering has become our pursuit

dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip - You Will See Me

I will burn this entire world to the ground
I will leave a mark greater than any have ever left before
I will lay waste by land, air and sea

Nargiz - I Can't

First Verse:
Your gentle hands leave a mark,
Reminding me of us.

Glykeria - Maybe Someday

Maybe my old, red dreams,
May never leave a mark on the paper
And he who drained my first kisses,

Assi El Hellani - Crazy Love

I don't want to pass by your heart & feel bored
I want my heart's love to leave a mark

Red - Love Will Leave A Mark

Finding a way through the dark
Love will leave a mark
Love will leave a mark

Trivium - Dead and Gone

I hope to die with no regrets
To leave a mark no one forgets

Dia Frampton - Out of the Dark

I cracked and lost my way
I didn't leave a mark
I'm coming up from the grave

Midland - Burn Out

If you put your hands on the flame
You've got no right to complain
'Cause you know it's gonna leave a mark
When the glow comes to an end

Maria Giovanna Cherchi - Two

<em>And when it’s time to love, we go away from us
Like waves that leave a mark in the world</em>

Guru - Fine and Free

And I'mma bless you with more
Than just a nice song,
Yeah, I'mma leave a mark
That's life-long

Giusy Ferreri - Love many times

Meant to us
We got lost in this universe
And in those words that leave a mark
That stop time

Joseph Attieh - We're over

We leave and we're left, that's life
The wound will heal, but most likely
it's going to leave a mark
And there are people that are never the same once they're hurt

Álex Ubago - Paper love

on rainy days
I already saw how they come and they leave
they leave a mark on the glass
and my naked skin

Los Rieleros del Norte - There is no love that won't leave a mark

with the idea of drowning this anguish I carry,
that your light no longer illuminates my life.
There is no love that won't leave marks,
neither pain... that could be calmed by a tequila.

Maria - You're a sensitive topic for me

Run, you better run
Push and say: "no"
Watch me, watch me how I leave a mark
No, I won't stop you

Epic Rap Battles of History - Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury:
I took one for both teams from a disease no one knew existed.
I didn't leave a mark on history, I French-kissed it!
I'm a champion of the world (world!); extinguished in his prime! (Prime!)

Rebecca Lavelle - The Siren's Song

Try to touch
What lies between them,
But you'll never leave a mark.

Caparezza - Argenti lives

Your tercets are waste paper
My sets of five slapped on your face
Leave a mark

Katy Garbi - Put A Full Stop

Put a full stop, put a comma
Kiss my lips and don't say too much
Leave a mark at the dark
Like the light that burns inside the heart, inside the heart.

Barei - Impulse

Today the fear has stepped on my heels and courage is tied the laces, and it is that for a long time, that I can not find the stripes that I won.
Today the sky weighs more than it should. Only the weak leave a mark on the road. If it were for me without you I could not take a step to stay.

Lord (Serbia) - Just let it roll

Not even hell goes without heaven

To leave a mark for life
How to trick the devil tonight?

MC Kresha - Hip Hop

Went from Rock'n'Roll to doing Rap in shkoll
As a part of playing Basketball
Talk shit bitch you didn't leave a mark on us
I have a spanish girl but I don't know about what to talk with her

Bananafishbones - Robber's Tune

When our gun is sparked
So take good care, leave nothing to spare
Or else we'll leave a mark

Maria Bethânia - Habits

I thought I wouldn't remember things of the past any more
I thought I could fool myself by saying
That these things of a life in two didn't leave a mark

Ded - Anti-Everything

I am a pessimist
I am obsessed with it blessed with it
Leave a mark
Show me a battle scar

Soprano - At the end of the road

Let them speak, they just want you to stay in your place
You are not born to sweep up but to leave a mark
Brother, don't lower your arms when the situation is bad

DMX - One More Road to Cross

Ride when I die, straight down but I'm plottin'
We all gots to go, but who wants to be forgotten?
I'ma leave a mark and it won't be the mark of the devil
Throw dirt and may your hands burn when you touch the shovel

Jula - You're far away

1. I won't walk away anywhere,
you'll be my harbour.
You do harm to me
by leaving me alone.

Jessie Banes - Lightning Strikes

My skin is electric, I’m powerless
The steady takes over
The positive-negative charges leave a mark
Colliding sparks

Alec Benjamin - The Way To Nowhere

She's on her way to work
Her heart is wearing thin
The tattoos leave a mark
From everywhere she's been

Camo & Krooked - If I Could

If I could light the dark
If I could make you smile
If I could leave a mark, leave a mark, oh

Traste Lindéns Kvintett - What should you have done

the same year after year
To not have any character
Such things leave a mark