Isla Grant - Leaves In The Wind (Romanian translation)


Leaves In The Wind

Isla Grant
"Leaves In The Wind"
Memories are all that you have left me,
No more I'll see the love shine in your eyes,
And the tender words you spoke to me so softly,
Are as far away as the stars up in the sky.
You're far away from me and I am so lonely,
Since you left I am slowly losing my mind
It seems like only yesterday I had you with me,
Now you're gone - like leaves in the wind.
How I wish I'd told you all that you have meant to me,
And how much my world revolved around you,
How I hope and pray that where you are you hear me now,
For without you near I don't know what I'll do.
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Romanian translation

Frunze în vânt

Frunze in vant
Amintirile sunt tot ce mi-ai lasat,
Nu m-ai vad iubirea stralucind in ochii tai,
Si cuvintele tandre ce mi le-ai vorbind atat de incet
Sunt la fel de departe ca stelele pe cer
Tu esti departe de mine si sunt asa singur
De cand ai plecat incet imi pierd mintile
Pare ca numai ieri te-am avut cu mine,
Acum esti plecat - ca frunzele in vant.
Cum mi-as dori sa iti fi spus tot ce ai insemnat pentru mine,
Si cat de mult lumea mea se invarte in jurul tau,
Cum ma roo si sper ca ori unde esti ma auzi acum,
Fara tine aici nu stiu ce voi face.
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