Leben ohne Liebe kannst Du nicht (English translation)

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You can't live without love

For two years I was your bride
And I trusted you without limits.
That was my great unhappiness.
Now I sit there with the "Great Love",
But you will surely come back some time.
Because I always swore one thing.
You can't live without love,
Even if you are promised heaven.
You can have everything
And still have no peace,
Because a little love is part of it.
Even if it's just a bit of sympathy,
But it never works if there's no love at all.
You could manage ten times without
Air and light
But you can't live without love.
Submitted by Billy the kid on Fri, 14/04/2017 - 20:34
Author's comments:

The final words of lines 3, 4 and 5 were in French in the original. I have translated everything into English.

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Leben ohne Liebe kannst Du nicht

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