Željko Joksimović - Leđa o leđa (English translation)

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You know me the best
This isn't getting better
And for the longest time your touch
Is giving me the inkling that it's the end
Do you feel the same
Tonight I'll prepare dinner
And I'll withstand your gaze
And while I turn the lights off
Like palm to palm
Everything will be as clear as day
Back to back, a hand as cold as ice
Do you know how much an empty bed hurts
And when you think I'm asleep you sneak out
Oh God, I'm standing in my own way
And it hurts me the most
When I know you're crying in the other room
For the longest time you don't say a word
You just fold your arms
'And that tear in my eyes isn't because of us'
You say it, just so I hear your voice
Then I run after you
But I stop at the threshold
Because you're trail
Stops in the other room
I hear you whimpering and I know it's the end
You know me the best
You know me the best
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Leđa o leđa