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I’ll Be OK lyrics

  • Artist: Legacies (OST) Featuring artist: Jenny Boyd
  • Translations: Finnish

I’ll Be OK

Why is it never me?
Never the one who gets found
The boys I like never seem to like me
Can you blame them
When she's around
Elena's calm
She has a grace
Me, I'm just nervous energy
All out of place
Elena's smart
Knows what to say
I'm just fumbling as my words get in the way
She has those eyes, that smile, that perfect face
And then there's me
I'm just ok
But maybe someone out there's looking for ok
Just hurry up and find me
You can rest
And be at peace
You don't have to worry what becomes of me
Because of you I'm who I am today
Don't worry love
I'll be ok
You don't have to fear
I'm going to be
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