Mary Roos - Leider lieb' ich dich immer noch (English translation)

English translation

Unfortunately I still love you

So I'm free again
I don't need to share my bed anymore
And I feel so good
I am enough for myself
My heart is still cold
There is no doubt
I dreamed of it very often
I wanted to live that way for a long time
But unfortunately, I still love you
I can't resist it
I don't want you but I want you, oh
Yes, unfortunately I still love you
Because my heart doesn't seem to listen to me
I do not need you but I miss you
How many times I have told to myself
That I can do it
To go my own way
You will see it
Yes, I am already learning to fly
Because the hardship gives wings
I almost got rid of you
Maybe I need some more time, oh
Am I as strong as you are
Have I already lost, oh
I always just look forward
No, I haven't lost yet
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Leider lieb' ich dich immer noch

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