Najwa Farouk - Lemen nechki (English translation)


Lemen nechki

لمن شكي حالي
يالي شغلتي بالي
نبات سهران ليالي
نفكر فيك
نجوم الليل والقمر يحكو ما بيا
حتى قلبي راح يهضر و يشكي عليا
لاموني عليك وقالولي ننساك
كندير ننساك وعقلي راح معاك
نعذر قلبي هو الى هواك
الوقت يطول في بعادك ويصعاب عليا
ويوم نلقاك وجودك يشفي ما بيا
مازالني طامع حبك مازال
عذبني غرامك غنيتو موال
خايف البعاد يخلي حالي
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English translation

to whom shall I lament

to whom shall I lament the state of me
you've occupied my mind
and I stay wake all night
thinking about you
the stars of night and the moon can tell of what's in me
even my heart is gonna turn on me and lament me
they blamed me for loving you and told me to forget about you
how could I forget you when my mind has gone away with you
I pardon my heart for it's the one who fell for you
time is longer when you're away and it's harder
and when I meet you, your presences mends me
I'm still eager, your love still exists
your love has tormented me, I sang a sad song about it
I'm afraid the distance is going to leave me lonely
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