Shaya - Lene (Λένε) (English translation)

English translation

They say

They say it's all our fault
they make us cry
they say big words in order you to fell down
it's all about promises,they don't know (anything) about relationships
They want to have our role
all the women to run after them
they want us to look them like they are Gods
many lies,yeah,they don't know how to love
to love
Who do you think you are?,don't pretend!
who do you think you are,throw the mask,show who you are
who do you think you are,don't pretend
who do you think you are,don't deny it,show who you are
Maybe they will understand one day
they will learn that they lose
maybe they will give,they won't take
they'll think what they're doing,before they do it to us
They say,and we listen to them
We obey just like the paws(like we're paws)
they say and we can't live away from them
and always they can't go fucked up
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Lene (Λένε)