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The Flayed

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Take me out to dance
In the undergrounds
Of crazed cities
Since there are in these
Places as many dreams
As when we sleep
And we're not sleeping now
So let's writhe
Here and there
And let's meet downstairs*
Since we get tired of everything
Why do we embrace each other?
For those who were flayed alive
We're bearing marks of abuse
Come on, bury me
Throw me over every board
But stay
A little longer
After the end has arrived
I didn't light the fuse
It's Lautréamont
Who presses me
In the deserts
Where he preaches
Where mass is held
In front of nothing
For the flayed
Hold me tight again
Smother me if you can
You, who knows where,
After a subtle hint,
Screws were pushed in...
Oh, but it's all good
We have some bruises in common**
They save us
And all our mutual interests
In our teeth
And pieces of our skin
Scattered here and there
In random corners
Don't stop shaking
It's how I recognize you
Even if you had better
Shake a little less than me.
Take me away, take me away
We must be able
To make the other red
And even if
We rush
We should be able to see
White light, white heat
Come on, bury me
Throw me over every board
Just one more push
And we'll be once again,
Calm and quiet
Calm and quiet
Hold me tight again
Hold me tight again
Smother me if you can
Hold me tight again***
We, the flayed alive
We bear the marks of the abuse
The flayed alive
We feel the screws inside
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Author's comments:

*en bas: is a pretty generic term which could anything from "downstairs", "downward" etc...

** bruises in common: there's a pun in French, with the word "hématome" (bruise) which sounds like "atome". Avoir des "Atomes crochus" = to hit it off, to have chemistry.

***The french here is a bit ambiguous. It could either be "Hold me tight, ONCE again" or something like "Don't stop holding me tight". It's either an iteration or a continuous action.


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