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The Tormented Souls

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Come on let's go dancing
In the underworld
Of these crazy cities
Since these places
Can hold as many dreams
As we have when we sleep
But we don't sleep
We'd rather torment ourselves
Here and there
And then we'd meet down there
We get tired of everything anyway
Why do we even hug each other?
For the tormented souls
Are to be abused
Go on bury me
Push me over all boards
But stay a while
In the aftermath
So that even the end would end
You know I never lit the fuse
But Lautréamont did
He presses me
Into these deserts
Where he preaches
Where Mass is celebrated
In front of nothing
For the tormented souls
Hold me strong again
Choke me if you can
As you know where
After a subtle sketch
The screws have been tightened...
For we are the tormented souls
And are to be abused
Oh don't you mind, no big deal
Our bruises will save us*
And all that we share**
And our teeth
And our pieces of skin
That we find here and there
In all corners
Keep shuddering
For this is how I can recognize you
Even if you'd rather
Shudder a bit less than I do
Take me with you, take me with you
We should be able to
Become scarlet-red
Squeeze me again
Squeeze me again
Choke me if you can
For we are the tormented souls
And are to be abused
The tormented souls
Can feel the screws
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Author's comments:

*double meaning of "hém/atomes crochus". "Hématome" = bruise, but "(avoir des) atomes crochus" = (to be on the) same wavelength.
**double meaning of "points/poings". "Points communs" = common points, but "poings (...) dans les dents" = punch in the teeth.


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