Juliette Gréco - Les feuilles mortes (English translation)

English translation

Dead Leaves

Oh! How much I would like you to remember
Those happy days when we were friends
Life was more beautiful back then,
And the sun warmer than today
Dead leaves are picked up by the shovel load,
You see, I didn't forget...
Dead leaves are picked up by the shovel load,
Memories and regrets as well
And the northern wind blows them away
In the cold night of oblivion
You see, I didn't forget
The song you used to sing to me...
It's a song that looks like us,
You loved me, I loved you
And we both lived happily together,
You loving me, me loving you
But life pulls apart those who are in love,
Very softly, without a noise
And the sea erases, in the sand,
The footsteps of seperated lovers
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Les feuilles mortes

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