Steve Waring - les grenouilles (English translation)

English translation

The frogs

Chinlapangla chinlapangla chinlapangla baby (x2)
Once upon a time there wa a little boy
who liked to stroll in the countryside.
And on a beautiful afternoon he went toward
the swamps,
there where the willow weeps on the ground and the air is all damp,
and the moss flowing down the cypresses
looks like a sullen-eyed monster.
Just there where the frogs live!
And so this little boy sits on a log
and listens to the frogs.
At first they only speak the frog tongue.
Some say "croak croak",
others go "ribbit ribbit1
and the biggest [whistling].
And you can even hear occasionally
some frogs going "he he he he".
Soon this little boy closes his eyes to hear them better.
He keeps listening to the frogs, and there!
He discovers that frogs
are no longer speaking in frog language,
not at all: they speak the language of people!
For instance there was one saying "where are you?" (x16)
And another answering "I am here" (x7)
And yet another asking "Where exactly?" (x7)
A toad comes and answers 'In the mud" (x7)
And there was this elderly gramps, nearly singing
that says "Pull him out, pull him out",
and a very tiny frog says "I can't, I can't, I can't".
And then the tribal chief,
the "boss frog" as they say in the US,
with its big green eyes,
pokes its head out of the water and says "Booooo!"
And all the frogs leap into the water and swim
away, saying "ki cha ke too ki cha ke too ki cha ke too"
  • 1. sounds a bit like "me yes" in French
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les grenouilles

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Sarasvati    Sun, 10/09/2017 - 15:01

The frogs would wand to abduct the frog In the mud,not the child and the tiny can't abduct him."the frog in the mud".The child only listen ..encore merci

petit élève    Sun, 10/09/2017 - 16:58

Ah well, I hadn't thought of that. I'll try and fix it then :).