Les hommes ne se rappellent plus mon nom (English translation)

English translation

Men Don't Remember My Name

Men don't remember my name
Long ago I was their mistress, their beloved
Of my beauty, none of them could help dreaming
For the forest resounded so loudly of our passion
Of this eternity lost wandering
Amongst the secrets of the shadowed woodland
The trees all possess an age-old truth
Silent, they only talk when a light breeze arises
I, who people once called the lady of the forest,
I lived a thousand years and a thousand loves
Today, prisoner of the leaves which surround me,
They cry from sadness and regrets with me
"Come closer and look at me in water's mirror
Contemplate the face which can't be seen anymore
Remember my name, written in the reflection
Of the drops running along this green palace"
Call out to me, bring me back to life
So men may smile again!
Take me away from sadness
So life may appear again!
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Les hommes ne se rappellent plus mon nom

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