Les raisons du cœur [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)] (Canadian French) (English translation)


Les raisons du cœur [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)] (Canadian French)

S'il y a un prix pour faute de jugement
Je crois l'avoir gagné souvent
L'amour vaut-il donc tous ces soucis ?
C'est de l'histoire ancienne, maintenant fini
Tu te fais croire des histoires
Chasse de ta tête ces idées noires
Laisse ton cœur parler fort
Tu auras tort si tu l'ignores
Oublie ta résistance
Oui chérie, tu dois te rendre à l'évidence
Jamais jamais, je n'avouerai, non non
Désirs, délices en toi se glissent
C'est trop cliché d'être ainsi amoureuse
Je croyais avoir appris ma leçon
Je fuyais tant le grand frisson
Ma raison m'a fait fuir sa douceur
J'ai toujours ce cœur qui craint la douleur
Tu joues pourtant les dures
Ecoute enfin ta vraie nature
Meg, ma belle, remue-toi
Si tu tiens tête à ton destin
Tu le regretteras demain
Quand tu te réveilleras
Il sera trop tard, tu sais bien
Jamais jamais, je n'avouerai, non non
Avoue avoue, tu es bien amoureuse
Je ne crois pas que je sois amoureuse
Tu te débats, ton cœur bat et très fort
Jamais jamais, je n'avouerai
Avoue, avoue donc
Au grand jamais, je n'avouerai
Comme tu voudras, on te sait amoureuse
Ce sera secret
Quand je serai amoureuse
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English translation

The Heart's Reasons (Quebec version) [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)]

If there's a prize for lack of judgement,
I think I may have won it often
Is love really worth all those troubles?
It's ancient history now, it's over
You make yourself believe those stories,
Chase those dark thoughts away from your mind
Let your heart speak out loud,
You would be wrong to ignore it
Forget all about your resistance,
Yes darling, you must face the facts
Never, never will I admit to it, no no
Desires and delights slip into you
It's too much of a cliché to be so deeply in love
I thought I had learned my lesson,
I always ran away from that great thrill
My reason made me run away from it's tenderness,
I always have this heart that's afraid of pain
And yet you play this tough girl's role,
Listen to your real nature for once
Meg, my pretty one, move it
If you stand up to your fate,
You will regret it tomorrow
When you wake up,
It will be too late, you know it very well
Never, never will I admit to it, no no
Admit it, admit it, you are way too deeply in love
I don't think that I am in love
You're fighting it, your heart is beating, and it's beating hard
Never, never will I admit to it
Come on, admit it, admit it
Never ever will I admit to it
As you wish, we know you are in love
It will be a secret
When I am in love
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Grampa Wild Willy    Sun, 15/02/2015 - 13:55

You know, I was getting ready to translate this because it hadn't been translated yet and bam, tu coupes l'herbe sous mes pieds! En tout cas, je vais t'offrir quelques alternatives que j'allais utiliser:

l'histoire ancienne > Nous disons "ancient history" aussi.

too much of a cliché > EXCELLENT! You avoided the trap of abusing the word as if it were an adjective. I hate when people do that . . .

remue-toi > I was going to translate this as "snap out of it." Too loose?

Si tu tiens tête à ton destin > I was going to do this as:
If you cling stubbornly to your fate

Quand tu te réveilleras > I was going to do this as:
When you come to your senses

crimson_antics    Sun, 15/02/2015 - 16:09

I'll change it to 'ancient history' then, I'm never sure if it actually exists or if it's a bad literal translation, haha.

As for the other options, they'd be valid too, exempt your alternate 'Si tu tiens tête à ton destin' translation, because 'tenir tête à' means 'go against', 'resist to'.

Regular smile

And yeah, there are usually different versions of Disney songs for France and Quebec. And not just for the accent thing.

Grampa Wild Willy    Sun, 15/02/2015 - 13:57

I think it's fascinating that there is another French version of this song. And it differs a fair bit from this version.

Grampa Wild Willy    Sun, 15/02/2015 - 13:58

And there's a few words she speaks at the beginning that I couldn't catch at all.