Lessa Fiha Kalam (لسه فيها كلام) (English translation)


Lessa Fiha Kalam (لسه فيها كلام)

لسه فيها كلام معاه
يتقال سنين قدام هواه
لا في يوم ولا في أيام
ولا في سنين هينفع
احكي عن معناه
لسه فيها مواعيد كمان
هيجد فيها جديد عشان
في ايد هتحضن ايد
وروح هتعيش لروح
بعد الحياة بحياة
لسه فيه اوقات ما بينا
مليانين حكايات عشانا
لهفه ومقابلات
وشوق سوا يختصر مسافات
لسه في ايام قصادنا
وعد مع أحلام تاخدنا
ألف حاجه عالبال
دي لو تتقال فيه لسه حاجات
لسه في احساس اكيد
هياخدنا سوا من الناس بعيد
وفي لسه ألف مكان كمان
يشهد على حب القلوب شيلاه
لسه بينا حوار كبير
وفي رغي ليل ونهار كتير
ضحك وسهر وهزار
وفيه قرب ودفا وحنية وانا وياك
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English translation

There's talking in it yet

There's talking in it yet with you
To say for many years in front of his love
Not in a day, not in many days
And not in many years will be benefit
For talking about the meaning of it
There's appointments yet in it too
He'll find some new things in it because
There's a hand that will hold a hand
And a soul that will live for a soul
After the life for another life
There are times between us yet
Have a lot of stories for us,
Excitement, meetings
And missing at the same time and it's reducing the distances
There are days in front of us yet
And a promise with dreams that will take us
There's a thousand things in the mind
Even if this can be said, there's some things too
There's feeling too, certainly
And it will take us together from the people to a far place
And there's also a thousand place
That witnessing the love of the hearts and holding it
There's a great conversation between us yet
And there's talking a lot for the days and the night,
Laughing, staying awake, fun
And there's closeness, warmth, kindness between you and me
I hope you like and understand that, and if you find a problem, tell me....
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