Nancy Ajram - Lessa Gayya A'oll (لسه جاية أقول) (English translation)


Lessa Gayya A'oll (لسه جاية أقول)

لسه جاية اقوله
على جوايا
سبقنى و قالى انتى جوايا
وقالى على بيداريه
رحت راميه نفسى جوا احضانه
وقلت عمرى كله علشانه
ما دا اللى كنت نفسى فيه
لا عملت حساب للناس
ولا حتى لاى كلام
احساس واتساب يطلع بطبيعته
وصله اوام
مجنونة انا بيه
وهخاف من ايه؟
فى حد يشوف احلامه
قصاده ميلمسهاش؟
ده ساعات الخوف
بيضيع لحظة مبنعشهاش
ده انا عشت سنين
علشان الاقيه
كل كلمة قالها لسه فكراها
وكل لمسة منه حساها
حياتى احلى بين ايديه
هو ده الى حبه خدنى فى ثوانى
وهو ده اللى قربه خلانى
احب عمرى باللى فيه
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English translation

Just as I Was About to Say

Just as I was about to say to him
what I was feeling inside
he beat me to it and told me you're inside me
And he told me what he's hiding
So I threw my self in his embrace
And told him that my life is his
Well, that was exactly what I wanted all along
I didn't care at all for other people
or even what anyone could say
It's a feeling that was left to naturally come out
And it reached him in no time
I am crazy about him
And what would I be afraid of?
Who would ever see his dreams
in front of him and not touch them?
Sometimes fear
makes us lose a moment that we don't live
I have live for years
trying to find him
I remember every single word he said
And I feel every touch from him
My life is sweeter by his side
He's the one whose love took me away in moments
And he's the one whose nearness made me
Love my entire life with all that's in it
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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