Los Freddys - Déjenme llorar (English translation)

English translation

Let me cry

Let me cry because I'm hurt,
who else has ever cried
for absolutely no reason?
Let me cry the way a child does,
when they've stolen his lovely
and most beloved toy.
Who has stolen from me, I can't say
before I was who I am now, I had thousands of friends
someone came back and spoke in her ear,
to convince her and for some reason
she gave herself to him. [x2]
Let me cry, let me rip out
the one I loved most, the one I loved most
the one I loved most.
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Submitted by phantasmagoria on Wed, 17/05/2017 - 07:11
Author's comments:

A little something I found in our collection, dedicated to a very special someone whom loved this song in their youth.


Déjenme llorar

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