France D'Amour - Lettre à ma mère (English translation)

English translation

A Letter To My Mother

How can you expect me to love her,
This woman sleeping in your place,
This feeble second one
My father is kissing?
She's a little younger,
Never as pretty,
This woman having breakfast
With him every day
When my father comes to see me
Once every three weeks,
He tries to make believe
That I've still got a family
[Chorus] (x2)
Me, it's between you two
That I've learned what tenderness is,
And it's from you two that I want
To learn how to keep my promises
Maybe I'm not right
When I say it's possible
That your separation
Is not irreversible
Don't you understand that what I want,
Is for your hands to hold each other again,
For your proud hearts
To meet and understand each other?
She'll have to leave at some point,
My father's sorceress,
After feeling for so long
That you're still the one he prefers
How can you expect me
Not to turn violent
When I see you running
Into your replacement?
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Lettre à ma mère

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