Céline Dion - Lettre de George Sand à Alfred de Musset (English translation)

English translation

George Sand's letter to Alfred de Musset

Venice, May 12th, 1834
No, my dear child, these three letters are not the last oath of the lover who leaves you; these are the hug of the brother who is still with you. That feeling is too beautiful, too pure and too gentle for me to ever need to cease feeling it. Let not my memory poison any pleasure of your life. But do not let these pleasures destroy and despise my memory. Be happy, be loved - how would you not? But keep me in secret corner of your heart and go down there when you are saddest to find solace or support.
Go on, love, my Alfred;
Love once and for all.
Love a young, beautiful woman
Who has never loved yet.
Spare her and do not hurt her.
The heart of a woman is such a delicate thing.
When it is a ice cube or a stone,
I believe that there is almost nothing in between.
And it is the same
With your way to love.
Your soul is bound to ardently love
Or to totally harden.
You said it numerous times
And tried but did not manage to retract.
Nothing, nothing did erase that sentence.
There is nothing in the world but love
Which does exist.
Perhaps you loved me with hatred
To love another woman with abandon.
Perhaps the next one
Will love you less than I did.
And perhaps she will be happier
And more loved.
Perhaps your final love
Will be the most fantasist and the freshest.
But please, please, do not kill your generous heart.
Let him completely go into your love life
So that one day you can look backward and say like me,
'I have often suffered, I have sometimes made mistakes,
But I have loved.'
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Lettre de George Sand à Alfred de Musset

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kuroi_neko    Mon, 27/08/2012 - 16:29

Juste quelques pinaillages

keep me in secret corner of your heart -> in a secret corner

Aime pour tout de bon -> c'est une tournure du 19ème mais il me semble que "pour tout de bon" a le même sens que "pour de bon", donc plutôt "véritablement" que "une fois pour toute"

When it is a ice cube or a stone -> plutôt "when it is not..." ?

And tried but did not manage to retract -> C'est pas tout à fait ça, à mon avis. Il a bien réussi à les retirer, ses paroles, même si ça n'a pas suffi. Je propose "And even though you withdrew it".

Qui soit quelque chose -> peut-être "which means anything/has any worth" ?

Peut-être m'as-tu aimé avec peine -> "hatred" pour "peine" ça me semble un peu fort. Ce que j'en comprends c'est plutôt "ça t'a été difficile de m'aimer", non ?