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离人愁 (Li Ren Chou) (English translation)

  • Artist: Li Yuan-Jie (李袁杰)
  • Song: 离人愁 (Li Ren Chou)
  • Translations: English, Transliteration


女孩: 十五从军征,八十始得归。
今人斷了腸 今天各一方
今夜太漫長 今兩股癢癢
**我應在江湖悠悠 飲一壺濁酒
莫把那關外野游 留佳人等候
Repeat *, **, **
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The Sorrow of the Departing One

Girl: Joined the military at 15, only able to return at 80.
Met a Villager on the path and asked: "Who is still at home?"
"Looking at your house in the distance, there were many graves among pines and cypresses."
Rabbits enter through the dog hole, and pheasants fly from the beams.
The past springs have greyed my hair and desolated my thoughts
Cutting down a lock of hair in front of my eye that blinded me
Today my heart is broken, as we are separated
There is no hope to see you again in this life
*At the end of prosperity, it is hard for the departing one to pour out his heart
Last night I saw the one who had abandoned me years ago
This extremely long night is so unbearable
Now I’m more miserable than dead leaves and withered flowers
**I should drink a pot of unstrained wine in the remote martial world
Look into the hidden sorrow in prosperity while drunk
Shouldn’t roam wildly outside the pass and let the beauty wait
The loss of that dream love was greater than my achievement
Repeat *, **, **
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