Disney Fandubs - Libera [Let It Go] (English translation)


Libera [Let It Go]

summi montis solitudine, nullas voces audio
patria sepulta dominari videor
venti furentes meo erumpunt animo
sortis contra vim nihil valeo
comprimere, recondere
maioribus semper digna esse
fieri populo odio non paveo
fugio, fugio, nihil iam dissimulo
pectora resero, at dolores exclaudo
oderint quin capiant
tenet tempestas animi requiem meritam
modis levat miris absentia curas
et a metu pertinaci me tandem liberat
nunc ostendam placida maiestatem ingenitam
depono tandem vincula rupta
supera salio ut caelo despiciam
posteram renuo immota gloriam
haec constat sententia
tenet tempestas
nivis imperium tendo terras in omnes
anima frigido aere frangitur in glaciem
mens reclusa spirat auras lucidas
inania somnia deurit veritas
orior, orior renovata prima aurora
vivido maneo candore splendida
solvitur obscuritas
tenet tempestas ut velim vivendi potentiam
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English translation


In the solitude of the mountain at its highest point, I hear no voices.
I seem to be lording it over [my] homeland, [which I have] buried
Raging winds break out of my soul
Against the force of fate, I have no strength
[You must] hold [it] in, hide [it]
[You must] always be worthy of [your] ancestors
I am not afraid of becoming an object of hatred for the people
I flee, I flee, from now on I disguise nothing
I’m opening [my] heart but I’m shutting out pain(s)
Let them hate [me] if they don’t understand
The storm holds the peace of mind that I deserve
Distance/absence relieves [my] worries in strange ways
and finally frees me from constant fear
Now, peaceful, I shall show [my] inborn royal power
Finally I lay down forever [my] chains, broken
I leap above to look down from the sky
Unmoved, I reject future glory
This decision stands
The storm holds…
I extend the snow’s domain into all lands
In the cold air, [my] soul breaks into ice
[My] mind, laid bare, breathes crystal-clear gusts
Like frost, the truth destroys [my] empty dreams
I rise, I rise renewed at the break of dawn
I remain, resplendent in [the] lifelike snow1
The darkness is dissolving!
The storm holds the power [for me] to live as I wish
  • 1. Elsa is resplendent in candor, which can mean ‘shining whiteness’, ‘snow’ or ‘honesty’ – so she’s equating the snow with her true self.
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