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Liberum [Let It Go]

Mons in hoc noctem nix tegitur et calcantes perenut
In congelatus regnum, regina ego sum
Ventus ululat sicut procella intra me eddit
Contineat volimus, Caelum novit feimus
Quis sis caput, celat teipsum
Puella proba semper habet sum!
Lated id quod interius tua est! Impossible!
Liberum, liberum, ego passa longe iam!
Liberum, liberum, nihil est abscontant
Quid interest nunc'? Omnia novimus!
Sinit procella fugat, frigus molestam me nuncuam!
Est bonum esse spatio pusillus negotia efficat
Et formidine ut ligabant iam interea!
Experiri mei fines tempus est!
Itaque ego possum scientes!
Liberior onus intra me. Tandem!
Liberum, liberum, procella colligenti mecum
Liberum, liberum, doloris meum miscetur
Ecce adsum et ecce sum!
Tempestate augetur
Potestas viget me atque veris viterum
Petale flores suos dolores franguntur
Nostra mens gelam detortas memorias
Non eo ad reverti, praeteritum avanuit!
Liberum, liberum, sicut aurora surgam
Liberum, liberum, simulo depravata
Ecce adsum ad dei lumen, sinit procella fuga
Frigus molestam me nuncuam!
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English translation

Let it free

The mountain is covered in snow tonight and the footsteps get lost
I'm the queen of a frost kingdom
The wind howls like my inner storm does
I wanted to restrain it, Heaven knows I did
Restrain who you are, hide yourself
You always have to be a good girl!
Conceal what you have inside you! That's impossible!
Let it free, let it free, I've suffered enough!
Let it free, let it free, there's nothing to hide
Who cares now? Everything is already known!
Let the storm be busted, the cold never bothers me!
It's good that the distance makes problems insignificant
And the problems that used to limit me are already gone!
It's time to test my limits!
So I'll know that I am able of!
Free of the weight that was inside me. At last!
Let it free, let it free, the storm gathers with me
Let it free, let it free, my pain melts
Here I stay and here I'll stay!
The tempest grows
The power flourishes from me like a spring of glass
Its flowers' petals break the pain
My thoughts freeze all my tortuous memories
I'm not going back, the past has faded!
Let it free, let it free, I'll rise like the daybreak
Let it free, let it free, it's enough of pretending
Here I am in the light of day, let the storm be busted
The cold never bothers me!
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