To lie through (one's) teeth

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To lie through (one's) teeth (English) — To lie with ease

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To lie through (one's) teeth — Not only to lie with ease, but to do so with impunity, to tell a lie with no relation to the truth, frequently a denial. ("No, mom, I have no idea who broke your favorite vase," when you were, in fact, the culprit). See also: bold faced lie; to lie like a rug.

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Haha, "to lie like a rug"! I have never heard that idiom before, but I love it! :D - Loot 5 months ago
Isn't it funny? Maybe it's only common in the South. My family says it regularly. "And he just laahed lahk a rug right to her face! I just couldn't believe it." - DogwoodGirl 5 months ago

Translations of "To lie through (one's) teeth"

FrenchMentir comme un arracheur de dents
French (Picard)Mintir con'me un arracheus eûd dints