Cro - Lieblingssong (English translation)

English translation

Favorite Song

[Part 1]
Look, the song begins
and it actually doesn’t make any sense
but you listen anyway
‘cause you kinda like how that guy sounds ¹
and you’re excited by
such a mixture out of interesting
with an aftertaste of a little fear
‘cause you think it’s about time
for the drums
and then it starts
We’re still stuck at this same tone
That tone again please
and you think Ohoooho,
but that’s an Ahaaah
and all my guys say “sure,”
hey, that’s an ahaaah”
but can it be? Something’s missing
And then the bass starts
and at least it doesn’t matter what I say now
and it can be that I just simply laugh
in the middle of the song (ha ha ha)
No, I’m not ha,
and all I want is just a little bit of fun
and it’s clear that every song won’t become a hit,
but it comes pretty darned close
[Hook 4 x]
Close to your favorite song
[Part 2]
And you don’t really know
if I find it good or just plain bad
‘cause you actually like rap
but this is more pop with an embarrassing text
compared to the girls
‘cause they’d rather have songs they can sing along with
just like that Britney sang them,
but that is way too fast for them to become hits ²
so slow down,
you want hits from “No Doubt” ³
gangsta Rap like “Rollout,” ⁴
nice tracks like “Hoedown,” ⁵
but I’m still just Cro, ou
I’m sorry,
but I just want you to know
that I can’t always write hits,
but I come pretty darned close ⁶
[Hook 7 x]
Close to your favorite song
Submitted by brightswan on Sun, 06/05/2012 - 10:46
Author's comments:

¹ kinda = kind of
² Straight translation:
dass es ein Hit werden kann = that it can be a hit.
³ No Doubt: American rock band
⁴ Rollout: Song by Ludacris, American rapper
⁵ Hoedown: County Western song by Miley Cyrus
⁶ Straight translation:
aber das kommt ganz schön nah = but it comes pretty (darned) close.
It made more sense to write "but I come pretty darned close"
because the second line from the end was changed to
“ich kann nicht immer Hits schreiben.”

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