Lietuvos istorijos repas (English translation)

  • Artist: Šventinis bankuchenas (Lithuanian) (Šventinis bankuchenas)
  • Song: Lietuvos istorijos repas
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Lithuanian History Rap

I would like to tell you a story
About nothing else but Lithuania
I will rap everything from the start
From many centuries a-a-a-ago
Lithuania has existed for over a thousand years
And it's not something simple like a sausage on your table
At Christmas, kid, you should be ashamed
If you don't know the date
When Lithuania was first mentioned
It was in 1009
When Saint Bruno came to Lithuania
He was killed by pagans
Then a little later
In 1253, to be more concrete
There was a very big party
'coz Mindė (Mindaugas) became king of Lithuania
(YO, all say, YO)
Became the king of Lithiania
Later on Mindė was killed
Just like 2Pac - killed
And then we were ruled by some others
Ladies and gentlemen, I will tell you straightway who they were
For example, Gediminas
Who was a pretty though guy
He wrote invitation letters to traders
Shoemakers and doctors
Blacksmith and craftmen, and everybody
To do business with us
And when the ruler was Vytautas
The Battle of Grunwald was won by Vytautas
Expansion to the Black Sea?
That was Vytautas
But he later fell off
The horse and died
Over a hundred years later
Martynas Mažvydas for all uncles and aunts
Wrote the first Lithuanian book
"Here, Catechism, to the shelf!"
I would also like to pick out a fact
About the Union of Lublin Act
A new state was created
What state? The Rzechzpospolita (Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth)
After another couple
Of hundred years
There was a knock at the door
State divisions knocked
The first one knocked
The second one (what did) knocked
And then in 1795
The third one knocked
And Lithuania was no more
It became part of the Russian Empire
The people didn't like it, so there was an uprising
Against the Tsar's rule there was an uprising
But the uprisings were put down
Both of them - put down!
Some rebels were deported
Others simply hanged
That's the job of Muravjov (Muravjov, Muravjov)
That's the job of Muravjov (Muravjov, Muravjov)
But the nation didn't give up
Because the motherf***ing book smugglers came
They pushed books, took them across the border
Many kilos every day
Contraband, prison, guns
This was every day life for the book smugglers' network
Do you think it was easy to live like this?
Do you think there was another way out of this?
Bro, what else can I tell you?
If it wasn't for Jurgis Bielinis, we'd have nothing to read
The press started being published
VARPAS, before that - AUŠRA
Then the First World War came
And after that, the Independence Act
Jonas Basanavičius and Smetona
Mykolas Biržiška and Vladas Mironas
Klimas, Stulginskis and others
Signed a document that made us independent
But that freedom
Wasn't enjoyed for long
The Soviets came, and then the Nazis
And then Soviets came back
And the partisans went out to the woods
To fight the Soviet rule
The annihilation of the people started
A train route between Lithuania and Siberia
Yes, people were being send to exile
You keep this fact in your mind
If you see an expat on trolleybus
Let him have your seat cowboy!
Good lad, listen up for a little longer
I have some more to tell you
Life in Lithuania was different
During the Soviet-era
There was a banana deficit
And the same for quality sausages
Can you imagine, wi-fi didn't exist either
And neither did Google
'cuz also searches were done by the KGB
And before the KGB, by the NKVD
This was the situation
Dear Lithuanian hip-hoppers
Yet during all the time the hope was still shining
That Lithuania would again be independent one day
And then perestroika started
National feelings grew stronger
The Sąjudis movement was established
And its chairman was Landsbergis
And then everybody rose-up
During the Baltic Way
Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians
Held hands
And on
11th of March 1990
The day came
When Lithuania was free again
And then the 13th of January came in 1991
And the people were defending Lithuania
And if you think that they were shooting their own kind
Scratch your brain and think again
Brain, your brain
Scratch your brain again
Brain, your brain
Scratch your brain again
Thank you for scratching
Thank you for listening to the end
I can see that
You have understood everything very well
Everything is still possible for Lithuania
If one stops slacking off
Another works and gives the birth to children
Not one, not two, but seven
Or maybe a little less, I don't know
You do as you please because I'm done now
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Lietuvos istorijos repas

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