life and limb

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Idiomatic translations of "life and limb"

Kopf und Kragen

Meanings of "life and limb"


Everything you have. Literally, your life and all your limbs.

Used in a context of risk - for example, "to risk life and limb."

Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose on Mon, 11/02/2019 - 07:22
Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose

"life and limb" in lyrics

Chambao - Beaches at Barbate

They are instruments of the wind
of the wind carrying them
risking life and limb
on the beaches at Barbate.

BLØF - Regret You Better Have Tomorrow

Don't do things in your head (head, head)

Life and limb you bring to the border
I know it is nice

Pink Floyd - The Fletcher Memorial Home

They'll be good girls and boys
in the Fletcher Memorial Home
for colonial wasters of life and limb.

Madonna - Falling Free

The face of God that stands above
Pouring over Hope and Love
That all of might, and life, and limb
Could turn around and love again

Eloy (Germany) - The Apocalypse

Ethereal we are, the air we breathe
The storm that's stirring up all fire
I see, our life and limb will still
Not come to harm at the moment

Tanzwut - Brother Recklessness

Brother Recklessness laughs and shrieks,
he worms his way into your mind,
you almost lose life and limb[fn]"Kopf und Kragen" (Lit: "head and neck") is an idiomatic expression equivalent to "life and limb."[/fn]
you're going full in, you've gotta dare.


licenses and lies insisting
I have nicked shit but
I’ll fight life and limb to lift it
I know I might have the littlest voice