lih sakat - ليه ساكت (English translation)

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lih sakat - ليه ساكت

ليه ساكت وداخلك زحمة حكي
ليه تضحك وفيك عبرات وبكي
ما تعبت و قوف .. ليه ما تتكي
ليه همك وانت آخر همهم
ليه ظنك في رجا باقي بهم
ضاع عمرك ضاع .. في مداراتك لهم
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كلمات: تركي 
ألحان: طارق محمد 
تاريخ: 2009 

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English translation

Lih sakat / why are silent?

Why are you silent while So many words left unsaid inside your chest
Why are you laughing while so many tears and cries in you
Aren't you tired.. Why don't you lean
Why do you worry about them while you are the least of their concern
Why do you still have a good hope in them
Your life is wasted ..wasted in favouring them
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