Lion's share

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Lion's share (English) — The biggest or greatest part of something

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Translations of "Lion's share"

FrenchLa part du lion
Greekμερίδα του λέοντος
PolishLwia część
RussianЛьвиная доля

"Lion's share" in lyrics

under the blanket in the baobab tree's shade
yellow and ocher-colored land
it is the lion's share
it is the lion's share

Ultra Bra - Savanna falls asleep

Look, I do not say that God created
I underline it with bold line strongly
I took lion's share, love...
I do not look back, I am almost going...

Betül Demir - lion's share

No I don't have a stitch to wear
nor do I have a single care
I love you more the lion's share
I love you
So please call me

How I Became the Bomb - A Formal Occasion

Where they're secludedly oppressed

We are living day to day
Forced to bear the lion's share
People just don't have the time for music anymore
But no one seem to care

Dream Theater - The Gift of Music

Their eyes are funereal
Always ready to jump off a bridge
You’d think that Misery
And Sadness are their
eternal names
They’re skinned alive by life

Damien Saez - The Magnificent Ones

You’re at the bottom of all this
Return to you –
How could I?[fn] With the attitude "You’ve got to be kidding" [/fn]
Who dreamed up that rumor?
Be humble, my little one
Everyone gets abandoned

Betül Demir - The Lion's Share

Is more than I can bear
There goes my reputation
It's awful, this humiliation
And I've the lion's share

[Nobledudes and dudettes:]

The Swan Princess (OST) - Practice, Practice, Practice

to me.

We didn't even try to take
the lion's share; for our
Super-Mario jumped over the battlefield
We watched movies, shared our opinions

Sergey Babkin - GGG

Where a captain rules, a sailor has no sway
If you don't have money, your opinion does not matter at all
The one who shares and distributes gets the lion's share
The one who does and undoes keeps an ace up his sleeve
And the rest is rattle, the rest is verbiage

Especialistas - There's no need for panic