Lipad Ng Pangarap (English translation)

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Flight of dream

You have on the wing of your departure
The promise of neverending future
Though it may send you heartaches, you will still reach for your dreams
And the fruit of your pure effort is
The development of this dear nation
In exchange of anguish and suffering is the improvement of great livelihood
Chorus 1
Fly through the borders of heavens
In the clouds of hope you will obtain
The success that is the fruit of your perseverance
The dream of dear motherland
The next generation will follow you
Praise-worthy offering of strength
A salute to modern heroes
The whole nation is grateful
Repeat chorus 1
Take care of the flight of dream
Your waiting nation depends on you
That you achieve the sweetness that is caused by the success in the tip of all of your efforts..
The sweetness that is caused by your success
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Lipad Ng Pangarap

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