Sephardic Folk - Bastuniko De Djevezli (English translation)

Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)

Bastuniko De Djevezli

Bastuniko de djevezli,
el potin delgado,
la del ojiko mavi,
se l'asenta al lado.
El dezmazalado
no save lo ke ara,
no save lo ke dira.
Ansi vate a tu echo,
y veras privecho. [x2]
De mintiras i falsidad,
mira d'alesharte
en kaminos de verdad
mira de andarte
I por alvantarte
a tu santa keilla
diras tu tefilla.
Ansi vate a tu echo,
y veras privecho. [x2]
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English translation

A little cane of walnuts

A little cane1 of walnuts,
and a worn out shoe2,
a blue-eyed girl,
sits by his side.
He's so unfortunate3,
doesn't know what to do,
doesn't know what to say.
Get on with your day4,
and you'll be rewarded. [x2]
From lies and falsehood,
keep your distance,
on paths of truths,
stay on them, go forward.
And you should rise (early),
go to your synagogue5
and say your prayers6.
Get on with your day,
and you'll be rewarded. [x2]
  • 1. lit. 'bastun/baston' (cane) -iko/-ico (diminutive for 'little')
  • 2. lit. '(with a) thin shoe'
  • 3. a mixture of two word, one of them is Hebrew (מזל - mazal) for 'luck', the word is lit. 'out of luck'.
  • 4. lit. 'go to what you have to do'
  • 5. also spelled as 'keila' - קהילה (k'hilá) means 'community' but means 'synagogue' from Ladino whenever the word is used (there's a different word for community in Ladino).
  • 6. תפילה (tefilla) means 'prayer'.
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  • Terminology: lit. (literally), lat. (latin term), pr. (pronunciation).
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