Ljubav je zakon (English translation)


Ljubav je zakon

Sva kola slijede ceste
kao brodovi valove
Ja slijedim svoje srce
njegovo glasno lupanje
Bog ima deset zapovjedi
a država zakone
Priznajem samo jedan zakon
moju ljubav za tebe
Zbog tebe bih opljačkao banku
sve bezvrijedne dinare
Pa neka me uhvate i slome
kad volim bezakonje
Ljubav je zakon koji priznajem
Ljubav je zakon jedini
Ljubav je zakon najjači od svih
Ljubav je zakon koji pobjeđuje
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English translation

Love is the law

All cars follow roads
Like ships follow waves
I follow my heart
Its loud beat
God has ten commandments
And the state has laws
I recognize only one law
My love for you
For you I would rob a bank
All the worthless dinars
Let them catch me and break me
For loving lawlessness
Love is the law that I recognize
Love is the only law
Love is the strongest law
Love is the law which wins
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Author's comments:

Dinar - The currency of Yugoslavia. In 1988, when the song was written, it was worthless not just metaphorically, but also literally due to rampant hyperinflation.

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