Enrique Iglesias - Lluvia Cae (English translation)

English translation

Rain falls

When she dances, ah!
I get so nervous
My blood pressure skyrockets
And I become dangerous
If she looks at me, she drives me crazy
She's the reason why
I'm so happy
I guess all resistance is futile
I'm predestined
There's no need to over-think this
Rain falls slowly all over me
Nothing else matters because I'm happy with you
Ay ay ay ay I'm falling in love
Rain falls slowly all over me
It's all the same I feel like laughing
Ay ay ay ay I'm falling in love
She, she's like a shinning advertisement
I bet her kisses have
Something poisonous
When she walks it's
Something scandalous
When she looks at me I die a little
The logic thing to do would be for she to resist me
But instead she does with me
As she pleases
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Lluvia Cae

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