Lo and behold

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Lo and behold (English) — تعبير عن شدة المفاجأة

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Lo and behold — something that you say when something surprising happens

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Lo and behold — Ecco che, guarda guarda, guarda un po', guarda caso.

Italian, explained by MichaelNa on Sat, 11/11/2017 - 03:22

Translations of "Lo and behold"

Russianподумать только!

"Lo and behold" in lyrics

Man I feel like mold
It's prom night and I am lonely.
Lo and behold
She's walking over to me.

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

Because when it only happens to you
It's a bit too human than you'd like
Then lo and behold
You're just like me

Agnieszka Chylińska - Guilty

Leading the children softly across the fold

In the morning you march your sisters like soldiers to school
'Cause lo and behold your father has drunk quite a few
You were alone and steady with wintry calm
Somewhere inside the fire of your youth went dark

Dry The River - Bible Belt

Yeah, Mr. Meth AKA John John phenomenon,
AKA Alicia Keys boyfriend in the video, here we go.
Yo, yo, yo, oh shit lo and behold,
rhythm and Meth got another ninja scroll.
man I injure foes, send chills down their spines

Rap City: Tha Basement - Method Man in the booth

Katherine Wheel
Katherine wheel

Lo and behold, baby
These are the things you make me do
Katherine Wheel I'm burning for you

HIM - Katherine Wheel

Johnnie Fedora was lonely and stranded
in the window of the department store.
When lo and behold he was suddenly sold
and his heart became gay once more

Édith Piaf - Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet

No fire will cause you pain now,
And neither in your burning heart.
Lo and behold, the early flakes fall,
Soon all songs in the country die away.

Lunar Aurora - The Pact

Breaking so many freaking needles, I wonder if they inject

[Verse 4: Xzibit]
Lo and behold, better than platinum and gold
Yes, God bless success, never forsake your soul
Xzibit take control, lock loaded and ready to roll

Sway & King Tech - The Anthem

Just hold out your hand and close your eyes
And come be with me

Lo and behold
My love hasn't grown cold
For you

Bethany Dillon - My Love Hasn't Grown Cold

Your body says yes but the computer says no!
This body part was never my field
Transfer money, then I'll remit you
Lo and behold! I could shine again wonderfully
One-armed, blind and limping people
Star-chefs who burned their tongues

Alligatoah - Playing doctor

A Stick, a stick, a cucumber
Lo-and-behold, a man comes out
Look a man, look a man was the result (1)

Russian Children Songs - The Octopus Song

Of course I understand you, things had to happen this way
You have the power to leave, I don’t have it
Of course I understand, of course I’m not mad at you
But lo and behold, ‘we’ already became ‘you and me’

The one who stays and the one who leaves

Romuald - The one who stays and the one who leaves

and all his blood floods
his jacket and his <em>kepi</em>.[fn]<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kepi"><em>kepi</em></a&gt; = flat, cylindrical military cap.[/fn]

Lo and behold, he’s been granted a pardon
and he’s safe now;[fn]Literally ‟But, here comes his pardon, bringing him salvation”.[/fn]
he goes back to his quarters, happy,

Italian Folk - The Poor Soldier

You think you turn up like that
And lo and behold: all my problems are solved?
You know what you do to me

Irama - I'm gonna get high

Skies aglow like hot iron
A little bird sings silently
Our song.. Lo and Behold..

Magic land has burnt down,

Rio Reiser - Magic Land

It was a lonely night
When I was watching the TV
Lo and behold on tight
There you were singing about me

Kerry Ellis - The Kissing Me Song

Until you connect to Müşteris and everything will work out"
I promoted my Satla
In the streets, hoping that Sarah
Would notice me, and lo and behold, after a couple of days Sarah was back with me
I didn't care why, I was crazy for Sarah
You and me forever, my cousin was right

xatar - My Greatest Love

Hey lil boys! Big up for the noise and for the ambition
I adored when you refused this show
I come from Marseille, it's been a long time since I've listened to rap
But lo and behold, you're making me think of a great group that came to my house

[Verse 5: Oli]

Bigflo et Oli - Reply

Between the grey pillars of conscience the path to truth narrows.
The burden of Aksios leaking through open wounds.

Lo and behold: the finely crafted,
precise mechanism of sheep and scapegoat.
Relative within the borders of universal logic.

Mgła - Groza I

Filled the house in shallow waves
I've fed them only on revenge and bitter rage
And they grew up angry and tall
Lo and behold I have a coldest sea of all
I build a boat made out of ice
To sail the frozen ocean of my own device

Cathy Davey - Army of Tears